• INTERBOX: a leading innovator for 45 years

    The development of advanced solutions derives from the use of state of the art technologies and an attentive analysis of emerging market needs. These combine in a constant research process, which enables Interbox to offer a diversified, complete catalogue that targets all sorts of sectors, from commodity trading to services, industry and craftsmanship.
    Every single product – from pallets to filing systems and multiple modular containers – is checked and tested to guarantee top quality functional performance.
    Moreover the Research and Development Centre of Interbox s.a. tries out, designs and manufactures high quality jetties: resistant and stable also in the most rough waters, and with low environmental impact so as not to upset the delicate lake ecosystem and the beauty of the landscape. Alongside the range of jetties, Interbox Marinas has developed all the necessary equipment for the best possible structuring of tourist marinas, from the gangways to the accessories, right up to the mooring system.

    And the evolution continues towards further innovation and quality targets.

  • More security for hemp products through distribution agreement

    The cannabis and CBD industries are being actively targeted by counterfeiters, who aim to benefit from the industry’s explosive growth. The KushCo proposition will provide companies with enhanced packaging, with the most secure visual authentication technology using 3D photopolymer images, unique serialization, e-verification, label tracking, and data capturing capabilities.

    “It is our responsibility as a leader in the space to build consumer trust in addition to empower governments and brands. Counterfeit products undermine the legitimate cannabis industry by hurting sales, cheating governments out of tax revenue, and eroding consumer confidence while putting their health at risk. KushCo wants to provide the tools for our clients to have greater transparency and accountability,” said Nick Kovacevich, CEO of KushCo.

    Andrew Clint, Managing Director of De La Rue’s Authentication business, said: “As the legalized cannabis industry matures and companies look to protect their consumers, strengthen regulatory compliance and introduce global trace capabilities, we are happy to be partnering with KushCo to enable the provision of product authentication labels and anti-counterfeit services to their customers.”

    De La Rue prints more than 8 billion product authentication labels each year, working across multiple stakeholders. Its services are designed to correctly identify and track legitimate products throughout the supply chain and can be applied to any revenue generating product type, including tobacco, alcohol and legalized cannabis, it says.

  • Packaging of spare parts for air conditioning

    The Moonlight horizontal packaging machine serves the purpose perfectly and has proved to be ideal for accessories and spare parts for air conditioning systems of all shapes and sizes. Using reels of different width and making the appropriate adjustments, we can treat products of any size. Furthermore, it is possible to create single or chain packs, also with European hole.

    Visit our YouTube channel to discover our packaging solutions for hardware, spare parts, kits and much more.

  • Covid-19 Business Situation Update 9th April 2020

    We have been operating our split shift system in production for several weeks now and have continued right up to Good Friday. In the UK and in some other regions, we will now be taking the four-day weekend to give everyone a well-earned break. Out of hours emergency breakdown and critical parts dispatch will be operational as normal. We will then return on Tuesday 14th April to pick up where we left off. This long weekend will have been taken into account in any customer commitments agreed with you all, so you should not notice the impact of this. Please note, we have been advised by our parts courier service that due to the closure of several international shipping routes, there might be some delays in the supply of spare parts. We will therefore work with them to minimise any delays and inform all impacted customers. Through the media recently, you will have heard that Japan has implemented a state of emergency in seven prefectures. Kyoto and Shiga, where our Japanese headquarters and manufacturing sites are located, are not one of those prefectures but as a responsible employer, Ishida Japan have assessed the situation and proactively applied sensible measures to protect the employees and the supply of machines and services. The steps taken are similar to our own as we have been sharing experiences and solutions. Looking at the order intake during this crisis, can I thank you, our loyal customers, for your faith in us and continuing to invest in our equipment and solutions. We will do our very best to deliver on these despite the current difficulties. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your current contact at Ishida Europe or alternatively email us at info@ishidaeurope.com. Dave Tiso Managing Director Ishida Europe ltd

  • Amcor wins four awards for packaging innovation

    “Winning across our flexible and rigid packaging, for beverage, protein and pet food products, is testament to the expertise of Amcor’s global team,” said Mr. Michael Zacka, Amcor’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We are proud to deploy that expertise to benefit our customers, consumers, and the environment.”

    The awards acknowledge Amcor’s success in using new materials, paper and plastics to design new formats and deploy technologies that create winning packaging.

    “This year Dow received a record-breaking number of submissions for innovative, forward-thinking packaging designs from around the world,” said Diego Donoso, business president for Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics. “I’m continually impressed by the world-class innovations that we see year after year. Congratulations to Amcor for helping drive the industry forward.”

    Amcor won three awards across its flexible packaging portfolio, which Dr. William Jackson, Amcor’s Chief Technology Officer, says reflects a growing demand from consumers for attractive packaging that is convenient and increasingly sustainable.

    “We are working with customers around the world so that their packaging performs when it comes to sustainability and consumer convenience, while also maintaining the highest levels of product protection,” said Dr. Jackson.

    Diamond Finalists Award for Paperly™ for meat and cheese

    Amcor and French brand owner Charcupac collaborated to design Paperly™, a thermoformable paper-based packaging made with FSC-certified paper. The packaging solution provides a natural, rustic look and feel for processed meat and cheese.

    Winning a Diamond Finalists Award, Paperly impressed judges with its potential for recyclability in the paper stream and the use of high barrier liners and re-closable features to maintain freshness.

    Gold Award for Coffeemate® for Nestlé

    Amcor’s bottle for Coffeemate® natural bliss® Cold Brew won a Gold Award. Designed using Amcor’s vacuum-resistant GeoStrap base, the innovation replaces a more easily dented bottle design.

    “Our packaging experts worked with Nestlé to create this lightweight, sleek and clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle,” said Dr. Brian Carvill, Vice President, Research, Development and Advanced Engineering, in Amcor’s Rigid Packaging business.

    “The bottle’s structure is designed to achieve both function and an aesthetic that draws the eye of consumers,” said Dr. Carvill.

    The bottle’s GeoStrap base incorporates Amcor’s PowerStrapTM base technology and the PowerFlexTM Geodesic base design. By combining these technologies, Amcor has created a low-profile, vacuum-absorbing base that flexes upwards and counteracts the vacuum generated by the product absorbing oxygen out of the headspace.

    Gold Award Molson Coors 12-Pack Cooler Bag

    The Cooler Bag was recognised with a Gold Award for delivering consumer convenience and a fresh take on the ubiquitous beer carton, which helps to set the Molson Coors brand apart from competitors.

    Amcor designed the 12-pack Cooler Bag to withstand more than 100lb of force, be easy to carry, and be reusable. The pouch expands into a larger bag that can go directly into the refrigerator or cooler.

    Silver Award for Full Moon Pet Food

    Pet food and treats are a growing category, and consumers choosing products for their parts are looking for the same experiences at the shelf that they enjoy when shopping for themselves.

    Amcor partnered with pet-food company Full Moon Pet to design a package that combines tactile material with matte and gloss print. The packaging stands out on the shelf and communicates the brand’s organic and premium positioning for authentic, quality pet treats.

    The Full Moon Perdue Natural Look Pet Treat Pouch won a Silver Award. In addition to the smart matte finish with gloss print on paper-like texture, the pouch incorporates a reclose zipper for product freshness after opening.

    The Packaging Innovation Awards by Dow are an international, independently judged competition that honour innovations in packaging design, materials, technology and processes. Amcor has earned awards from the competition for several packaging solutions in recent years, including for LiquiForm® technology, PushPop® pouch for Mentos, Vento™ coffee packaging, a PET bottle for Vitaminwater®, detergent bottles for Method and, in partnership with Crown Holdings Inc., Peelfit™ cans.

  • DS Smith develops campaign display for Bärenmarke

    "There is nothing like family" is the title of the new campaign with which Bärenmarke is positioning itself as a family brand and driving the further development of their dairy products from the coffee table to the breakfast table. In the new TV spot, the iconic Bärenmarke bear has already secured its place within the family. Now, the popular advertising character is winning the hearts of young and old fans alike as a licensed product to snuggle and cuddle. The two plush versions of the Bärenmarke bear have been created in close cooperation with Steiff. While the small, 30-cm-tall bear has been available from the new Bärenmarke online shop since July, its 80-cm-tall big brother will be raffled exclusively within the framework of POS campaigns.

    A display developed by DS Smith has been drawing attention to the raffle in food retailing since March. The sole star of the identity-strong POS presentation is the Bärenmarke bear by Steiff. The secondary placement designed as a showcase has a representative look in the distinctive colour design of the brand while at the same time scoring with a high degree of functionality. Thanks to the optimally balanced display height and the small pedestal for the bear to sit on, the exclusive exhibit can be viewed up close and in the best light from all angles. The windows are backed with film to protect the Bärenmarke bear against dust and dirt throughout the campaign period. Dispensers and a drop box for the raffle tickets make for a quick and easy participation in the raffle.

    The idea of the showcase display originated when Bärenmarke representatives visited DS Smith's Impact Centre at the company's Erlensee site. At the Impact Centre, brand owners can put their entire supply cycle to the test in a realistically modelled POS environment and find tailor-made solutions for the optimisation and innovation of their displays and packaging together with the DS Smith experts.

    For Bärenmarke, the visit to the Centre paid off. In the context of a first project, the numerous inspirations turned into an impactful campaign display supporting the brand environment and the quality standard of the traditional company effectively at the point of sale: with an exceptional structure, identity-strong design and a high-quality print image.

  • Full PE Stand-Up Pouches Made With Recycled and Virgin Performance PE Polymers From ExxonMobil Help Customers Create Sustainable Solutions

    BRUSSELS – Stand-up pouches (SUPs) can now be made using recycled material from full polyethylene (PE) laminated SUPs and virgin performance PE polymers thanks to a collaboration between ExxonMobil, Hosokawa Alpine AG, EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, and Henkel AG & Co KGaA Company. The new SUP packages combine 30 percent recycled SUP PE with 70 percent virgin ExxonMobil performance PE polymers and are well-suited for non-food applications, such as detergents.

    “Flexible packaging is structurally a highly complex product requiring different material layers to enable it to meet a wide range of property requirements. This complex mix of materials poses the main challenge for recycling flexible packaging today,” says Marcin Lapaj, Global Business Development Manager for Circular Economy at Henkel. “That is why there is a need to go beyond the current functionalities and create a flexible packaging that also has recyclability ‘built in.’ There is a growing demand for packaging that focuses on being recyclable and uses recycled materials. This approach ensures valuable resources are kept in the loop longer and less waste is being generated. Combining efforts along the value chain is helping the industry move one step closer to enabling the desired circularity of flexible packaging for a more sustainable future.”

    “ExxonMobil introduced full PE laminated SUP packaging solutions as a replacement for conventional multi-material structures which can be difficult to recycle. These full PE SUPs can be easily recycled where programs and facilities to collect and recycle plastic films exist,” said David Hergenrether, ExxonMobil Chemical vice president, polyethylene. “This recycled PE is now being used in combination with our performance PE polymers to manufacture new SUPs, helping customers create sustainable solutions.”

    Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance PE polymers, and Exact™ plastomer products are ideal for SUP packaging films as they deliver excellent stiffness, toughness, sealing and optical properties. Exceed XP provides outstanding toughness properties like puncture energy and exceptional MD tensile strength for excellent bag-drop performance, which is essential for package integrity. Exact offers low sealing initiation temperatures. Enable delivers similar haze to BOPP/BOPA, balanced stiffness-optical performance and outstanding optical properties at a lower machine direction orientation (MDO) ratio versus high density PE which can allow easy MDO processing for industrial converters. The full PE SUP films based on ExxonMobil polymers deliver comparable performance to multi-polymer structures which contain BOPP, BOPET, or BOPA, making them well-suited for food applications.

    Fabricating these full PE SUP films on Hosokawa Alpine film MDO lines with TRIO technology delivers greater value. High orientation allows the film properties to be optimized to meet specific SUP requirements for optical (gloss and haze) and stiffness properties. These films containing performance PE need to be stretched less than five times, compared to six times when using other leading polymers, which improves the MDO processability.

    “By stretching the films on MDO lines with TRIO technology we can influence the mechanical and optical properties to meet the needs of the application,” said Dr. Holger Niemeier, executive vice president, Hosokawa Alpine.

    Loctite® Liofol solvent-free adhesives from Henkel’s newly introduced RE product range are “designed for recycling”. These adhesives contribute to the success of full PE SUP films by offering a set of features allowing homogenous laminates to be recycled mechanically with excellent results. This is achieved at efficient machine speed with optimal ink compatibility for high-quality printing, high initial tack and room temperature curing.

    Once the SUP has been used, EREMA’s INTAREMA® TVEplus® technology combines filtration, homogenization and degassing in a single, effective working step to deliver recycled PE material with a new level of quality that can be used in new laminated SUP packaging for non-food applications. Exceed XP performance PE allows the properties of the film to be retained when recycled content is added to the formulation.

    For further details please visit the ExxonMobil pavilion (FG10.1) at K2019 or Exxonmobilchemical.com/SUP

  • Aptar CSP Technologies Launches Fully Integrated Active Packaging Solution Combining Moisture Adsorption and Oxygen Scavenging Properties

    This innovative combination technology builds on the recent U.S. FDA approval of an HIV prevention medicine expected to launch in Q1 2020 that utilizes the company’s Activ-Blister™ packaging solution to provide moisture adsorption and drug product stability.

    Aptar CSP Technologies added the combined oxygen scavenging and moisture adsorption capability to the Activ-Film™ product to provide customers with a fully-integrated solution for drug products that are sensitive to both moisture and oxidation. The unique proprietary formulation provides unparalleled dual protection in various packaging configurations, such as Activ-Blister™, and broad application fields ranging from oral solid dose and transdermal to diagnostics and probiotics.

    “This is an important milestone for Aptar CSP as we continue to expand the capabilities of our 3-phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology to accelerate and de-risk the product development process, providing solutions that improve and save patients’ lives,” said Badre Hammond, Vice President Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP Technologies. “This technology can help reduce packaging complexity while providing a custom solution to stability concerns, enabling pharmaceutical companies to enhance drug stability and support speed-to-market.”

    Aptar CSP Technologies’ 3-phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology offers customized active packaging solutions designed to meet the drug developer’s specific formulation as well as provide a broad spectrum of drug-specific protection, including aroma emitting, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) scavenging, and anti-microbial scavenging.

  • Plastique brings cleanroom packaging manufacturing closer to home

    Designed, built and commissioned by pharmaceutical cleanroom experts, the facilities are certified to ISO 13485: 2016, suitable for the production of precision-made and custom thermoformed medical packaging.

    The cleanrooms, located in Nottingham and Poznan, are designed to meet medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ most rigorous packaging requirements.

    Its packaging solutions include trays, procedure sets, clamshells, tubs, covers, lids, sterile barrier blisters and seal blisters.

    The company also manufactures custom thermoformed handling trays suitable for high-speed production, with automated assembly and transit. Handling tray solutions include auto-injectors, dry powder inhalers, injection-moulded components, pre-filled syringes and pharmaceutical bottles.

    The two sites are fully certified to meet the BRC IoP Global Standard which sets strict criteria for manufacturers of packaging for the food and cosmetics industries.

    TEQ:Plastique’s sister company, US thermoforming business TEQ, offers facilities that enable the company to produce identical tools for packaging products previously only manufactured in the US.

    TEQ:Plastique’s European Sales Director Anne-Sophie Belamine said: “With identical machinery and tooling on both sides of the Atlantic, TEQ:Plastique can offer multinational customers shortened lead times, repeatability and uniformity together with a single global validation across a range of packaging solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

    “With 40 years’ experience working with many of the world’s leading brand owners, we’re proud to be able to offer our customers a range of custom-made solutions, developed in our state-of-the-art cleanrooms in the UK, Poland and the US.

    “Our facilities enable us to manufacture innovative thermoformed solutions, such as sterile barrier packaging, engineered to maximise revenue, reduce cost and increase our speed to market.”

  • Covid-19 Business Situation Update 3rd April 2020

    I can report that safe guarding and de-risking measures still enable us to have assembly staff working to produce machines, our stores are dispatching spare parts to your sites and our service teams are attending site as customers require or allow. Indeed we have benefitted by some company volunteers going into our offices to assist in our stores and dispatch operations such that we can continue to provide you with optimum support.

    The total Ishida organisation take our role as an essential provider of services to the food industry very seriously.

    We appreciate the loyal support of our supply partners as they continue to ensure supply even when they have their own issues dealing with this crisis. This week we had the good news that several had re-opened from temporary shutdown to assist us all in this time of need.

    Our overseas offices are applying the shutdown restrictions as directed by the government in each country. How onerous these are varies from country to country, but service support capability ranges from 100% to 71%. Should there be an issue in attending your site, we seek to utilise remote tools to assist.

    We thank you for your continued business, you can be assured we are focusing on providing the very best support possible.

    Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your current contact at Ishida Europe or alternatively email us at info@ishidaeurope.com.

    Dave Tiso, Managing Director

    Ishida Europe ltd

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