• New packaging for toilet cleaners: less plastic and more recycled material


    The material is recycled plastic from end-user households. “It is an important step for us that we have been able to increase the proportion of recycled PE in our toilet cleaners so significantly. After all, the availability of high-quality recycled materials of this plastic is still limited,” explains Ulf Timmann, Head of Global Packaging Innovation Toilet Care & Hard Surface Cleaning. “The success is at the same time a motivation. Our goal is to even further increase the proportion of recycled material in our packaging.”

    Not only does the new packaging concept include more recycled plastic, but also less plastic overall. This reduces the weight of the bottle by 11 percent. This packaging innovation saves 480,000 kilograms of new plastic per year. This corresponds to a saving of 800 tons of CO2 annually. The compact bottle design allows around 10 percent more bottles to fit on a transport pallet. In addition to the increased use of recycled materials, this has a positive effect on the ecological footprint, as it saves CO2 during transport. With the new packaging concept, Henkel has introduced a standardized bottle body design for toilet cleaners worldwide. All bottles are now available in a uniform format and have polyethylene as a material. The products have been available in stores since January 2021.

    Ambitious targets for sustainable packaging and climate protection

    The new toilet cleaner bottle thus contributes to Henkel achieving its ambitious packaging targets. The company is working towards the ambitious target to reduce the amount of virgin plastic from fossil sources in its consumer product packaging by 50 percent by 2025. To reach this goal, Henkel aims to increase the proportion of recycled plastics to more than 30 percent by 2025, reduce the absolute plastic volume and increase the use of biobased plastics. In addition, 100 percent of Henkel’s packaging will be recyclable or reusable**. Sustainable packaging solutions also contribute to Henkel's climate protection targets. By 2040, Henkel aims to be a climate-positive company.

  • CCL Industries Announces Appointment of Two New Directors and Retirement of Director

    Toronto, January 18, 2021 - Mr. Donald G. Lang, Executive Chairman of CCL Industries Inc. (“CCL” or “the Company”), a world leader in specialty label, security and packaging solutions for global corporations, government institutions, small businesses and consumers, announced the appointment of Ms. Linda A. Cash and Dr. Susana Suarez-Gonzalez to the Board of Directors and the retirement of Ms. Mandy J. Shapansky from the Board of Directors.

  • New Contract For Carsoe: Onboard Shrimp And Halibut Factory


    In addition to processing equipment such as shrimp cookers and the halibut factory, the plant also includes 2 large autofreezers for quick and effective freezing to preserve the freshness and high quality of the catch.

    When the catch is frozen into blocks, it proceeds to a complete palletizing setup, where shrimp and halibut are palletized separately in so called “clean pallets”. This means no need for further sorting and handling in the cargo room or portside. The catch is processed, packed, sorted and ready to be shipped when the trawler reaches port.

    The automations throughout the plant also ensures a safe working environment and less heavy lifting for the crew.

    A longterm partnership

    The Ocean Prawns fleet is no stranger to Carsoe, who have done rebuilds, service and maintenance on the fleet for the last 30 years. The common knowledge base is a key element in the ongoing partnership.

    “It is actually the 3rd Ocean Prawns trawler, we are supplying with process equipment, if I also include the vessels delivered since the days of Carnitech. We even have some of the same people from back then working on the process equipment for this latest trawler,” Carsoe CEO Mikkel Jacobsen explains.

  • Artificial intelligence in intralogistics


    To meet the existing requirements and expectations of the logistics industry, companies need to be flexible, fast and organized. For example, in order to avoid long delivery times and incorrect shipments, AI solutions help coordinate all logistics processes and ensure structured item and customer master data maintenance. Companies that want to prioritize customer satisfaction in the long term and remain competitive at the same time will not be able to avoid digitizing the supply chain. The future of logistics is therefore all about artificial intelligence. The interplay between artificial intelligence and logistics can be experienced at HANNOVER MESSE.

  • WWP Beauty in Partnership with Scentinvent™ Technologies Disrupts the Fragrance Market with a Revolutionary Technology and New Product Line

    Introducing the Es·sence Collection by WWP Beauty, Powered by Scentinvent™ Technologies. 
    Los Angeles, CA – WWP Beauty, a leading full-service supplier to the global beauty industry, partnered with Scentinvent™ Technologies, a scent invention company, to disrupt the fragrance space with their latest partnership and innovation. This future-focused fragrance formulation packaged in WWP Beauty’s new delivery systems will revolutionize the category by offering never-before-seen featured benefits with a new experience for the senses through color, scent and touch. 

  • Closed can-to-can recycling loop does not bring best environmental and economic performance for aluminium aerosols

    Demands for increasing recycled material content in packaging and recycling in the sense of a closed product loop are gathering momentum in the industry. The question is whether such a closed product loop recycling is under environmental and economic aspects advantageous for aluminium aerosols compared to a closed material loop approach.

  • WPO announces winners of WorldStar Packaging Awards

    January 2021 – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WPO (World Packaging Organisation – www.worldpackaging.org) turned to virtual judging for WorldStar 21 with two rounds of judging taking  place. The WPO members, representing 34 countries from all around the world, judged each entry so  diligently and with such intentional focus and spent hours going through 345 submissions before meeting  via the Zoom platform for final deliberations to choose the winners.

  • Noble Launches Human Factors Engineering Services to Support Product Development and US FDA Approval of Medical Devices and Combination Products

    “Human Factors Plus” (HF+) is a natural extension of Noble’s deep understanding of the patient experience when it comes to self-administering drug therapies

    Orlando, Florida, February 2, 2021 – Noble, an Aptar Pharma company and world leader in providing drug delivery training device programs for pharmaceutical companies and original equipment manufacturers, today announces the launch of “Human Factors Plus” (HF+), an expanded service to further optimize the patient self-administration experience by supporting its customers in bringing new products to market.

  • RJ Corp in India implements Sidel's aseptic PET technology to combine dairy and juice filling on the same bottling line

    Varun Beverages Ltd, part of RJ Corp group, one of the largest franchises for PepsiCo Inc. globally, has installed Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis™ in its newly established plant in Punjab, India. This pivotal project aims to expand PET bottling capacity and provide production flexibility for the private label milk brand Cream Bell as well as Pepsi’s Tropicana juice range. By choosing the new aseptic dry preform sterilisation technology, RJ Corp is commercialising its liquid dairy products (LDP) in PET for the first time in India. 

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