• McDonald's to use its packaging to share vaccine information


    Starting later this month, COVID-19 vaccine information will appear on the fast-food giant's billboard in New York City's Times Square. And beginning in July, McCafe cups and McDelivery seals will lead customers to vaccines.gov, where customers can learn more about protecting themselves from COVID-19 and how to make a vaccine appointment. "Returning to normal will require extraordinary partnerships between businesses, governments and community and health organizations," the announcement said. McDonald's stock is up 10.5% for the year to date while the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained 13.5% for the period.

  • Wai Wai noodles revises packaging to promote hand wash hygiene


    Wai Wai maker CG Foods has tweaked the packaging of its instant noodles in the wake of Covid-19 outbreak in the country. The new packs of the instant noodle brand carry a dedicated space to propagate the agenda of WHO-led hand wash programme amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. With the audience for the noodle being predominantly teenagers and millennials, the FMCG vertical of the Nepalese multinational conglomerate seeks to directly connect with its young consumers.

    “We are aligned with our responsibility to our younger consumers during these trying times. With the increased relevance of advocating the cause of clean hands before consumption, we will be stepping up our efforts in this direction,” said GP Sah, CG Corp Global business head, in a press statement.