• GEA introduces new powder packaging system for dairies


    Companies operating in emerging markets, low volume producers and pilot plants need such a system offering a compact and flexible low rate packing process, GEA said. Likewise, with their diverse portfolios, raw material producers need to be able to adapt their packaging solution in a versatile way.

    With more than 100 possible variants, the GEA SmartFil M1 can be configured to suit almost any application from dry, fine powders through to coarse granular products. The new machine offers a nominal filling capacity of 120 bags per hour or three tons per hour at 25 kg product size. Depending on the product being packaged, the system features configurable product metering options, GEA said, including vertical auger and horizontal vibratory feeder. An optional deaeration probe may be added for improved consolidation of the product if required.

    Customers can choose to pack into open-mouth bags, boxes or drums of varying sizes. Closing is configurable dependent on packaging type. Continuous heat sealing with glue reactivation or with sewing is available for open-mouth bags, whilst impulse sealing is offered for hermetic sealing of plastic packaging.

    GEA said the built-in height-adjustable conveyor system makes packaging changes fast and simple, allowing the operator to work at an ergonomic height.

    Small-scale dairy plants requiring a hygienic powder-filling solution in a compact form can select the GEA SmartFil M1 with auger feed, deaeration (option) and continuous heatsealer with integrated fold-over.

    “When integrated with a downline bag handling system, this cost-effective semiautomatic solution provides high quality, accurate filling and closing of open-mouth, multi-wall bags. For aluminum foil bags, the sealing system can be changed to an impulse type sealer as required,”​ GEA said.

    The company said the machine’s low height and accessible components make maintenance and cleaning operations easier, minimizing potential machine downtime and lost production.

  • Efficient Steriflow sterilization process for the pet food industry


    Rely on the quality of Steriflow autoclaves for the sterilization of your pet food products.
    Steriflow industrial autoclaves, using superheated water cascading sterilization process, are effective for the sterilization of pet food in cans, pouches, casings, aluminium or plastic trays, plastic bottles or glass jars. Our employees adapt our solutions to your needs, whether it is to meet an increase in your production or to replace obsolete equipment. We work on manual solutions but also on projects for fully automated lines. In the space of two years, Steriflow has doubled its sales in the pet food industry. With more than 320 units installed and a presence on five continents, the pet food industry relies on the Steriflow sterilization process. Find our solution for the sterilization of your pet food products by water cascading process: choose flexibility.

  • Mondi Steinfeld certified as CO2 neutral for its manufacturing operations

    Mondi’s consumer flexible plant in Steinfeld, Germany has been certified as CO2 neutral by ClimatePartner
    The certification applies to the manufacturing process at Steinfeld after switching to hydropower and other renewable energies