Dear friends,

Happy New Year to you. An important phase of our journey is nearing: the New Year. It is a particular moment in our lives, a moment of transformation and deep introspection. We begin to ask, what is truly important to us? We realize that endings are beginnings as they lay the soil for plants of new opportunities to sprout and grow. Our spirits are high and we look ahead with faith and enthusiasm.

We had a great 2023 with lots of actions in every vertical of ours, lots of learnings, and many obstacles to overcome. So rather than enumerating what we achieved I would ask what is going to be our focus in 2024? Some of the areas that we planned to focus on are:


  • Innovation webinars
  • Our partners' webinars
  • Actively promoting for more job opportunities
  • Awareness around the Big Book of Packaging for better packaging education
  • Packaging surveys on key topics


With this, I wish you once again a great year as the journey continues and we look forward to keep walking together in this!


Sandeep Kumar Goyal


SPMC to Spearhead Sterile Packaging Day Celebration on February 7, 2024

This year's celebration theme of "Opening Possibilities" salutes the nurses and clinicians who work tirelessly to promote health, prevent disease, and help patients with illnesses. Whether they're administering routine medical care or performing a life-saving procedure, each time a sterile pouch is opened, a life-enhancing possibility is created.  The in-person celebration will center around

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France to ban plastic packaging for fresh produce in new year

Plastic packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables will be banned from January 1 in France as the country phases out single-use plastic. Fresh food producers say, however, that they aren't ready yet as little alternative has been found to replace plastic packaging.

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PET is safe for use, says health ministry report

A high-level committee set up by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) informed the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Monday that polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles are safe for pharmaceutical packaging.In its report submitted to the NGT, the committee said, there is no conclusive, reproducible evidence to suggest that use of PET or additive used with it such as antimony, for phar

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TekniPlex Healthcare Acquires Seisa Medical

The acquisition enhances and expands technology solutions platform in the minimally invasive and interventional therapies sectorsTekniPlex Healthcare, which utilizes advanced materials science expertise to help deliver better patient outcomes, has completed its acquisition of Seisa Medical in a deal that significantly extends TekniPlex Healthcares medical technology solutions platform. This acquis

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SACMI supports Ageop This morning saw the inauguration of the facilities ‘adopted’ by SACMI

On the occasion of Christmas, a donation has been approved for the Casa Gialla facility run by Bologna-based association Ageop, which has been at the forefront of pediatric oncological research, treatment and support for over 40 years. This morning, the building in via Massarenti 183, which hosts young patients and their families, saw the inauguration of the rooms adopted by SACMI. In the photo, f

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A specialist compact linear multihead weigher from Ishida Europe is providing a fast and efficient solution for the weighing of nuts into pots at one of Norways leading confectionery and snacks manufacturers.The Ishida CCW-R2-108PL at family-owned Brynild Gruppens factory in Fredrikstad is the ninth weigher to be installed, continuing a successful partnership between the two companies that dates b

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Depending on the application and the desired look, our aluminium bottle with diameter 35 mm can be implemented with a GCMI 24/410 thread, a ROPP18 thread, or a PP28/ROPP28 thread. It is thus suitable for a broad range of purposes - from drinks to cosmetics. For a more climate friendly approach, the bottles can be produced from post-consumer recycled aluminum with a drastically lower carbon footpri

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Südpack releases lightweight, maximum-strength fish pack film to fight contamination

Sdpacks new Multifol Extreme packaging film for fishery products combines maximum functionality and minimum added weight, breaking new ground, according to the company. A high sealing strength and puncture resistance make the film suitable for packaging fatty, protein-rich or sharp-edged products such as fresh or frozen fish like salmon filets, white fish and herring portions. When sealing su

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Berry Launches Closed-Loop System for Large Containers !

Berry Global has established a closed loop system in partnership with its customer, leading French water treatment specialist Ocedis, for the supply of Berrys 20 litre Optimum stacking containers manufactured from recycled polyethylene (rPE).The containers for Ocediss pH Minus Liquide for commercial and local authority swimming pools are produced at Berrys BMS Moirans factory in France and deliver

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Intrapac India 2024

IntraPac India is the latest addition in the long history of IPAMA which will be held from March 14-17, 2024 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, NCR Delhi. The event will showcase all packaging solutions, machinery, and allied products inclusive of plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, paper packaging, filling, capping, filling & sealing, biodegradable packaging, protective pac

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Packaging Summit and Exposition Noida 2023

The packaging industry is a dynamic and essential sector that plays a pivotal role in safeguarding, promoting, and delivering products to consumers worldwide. Beyond its fundamental function of protecting goods during transit and storage, the packaging industry is in a state of continuous evolution, driven by ever-changing consumer preferences, sustainability imperatives, and technological advance

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Key Factors for a Successful Device Strategy

We will Cover!The device is the interface between the drug and the patient. Implementing a medical device for self-administration of injectable drugs is complex and requires a series of aspects to be considered. This webinar provides key insights along the entire process starting from the liquid-stable to a successful pen/autoinjector therapy, from a medical device perspective So, some of the capa

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Jute in Modern Packaging

 As highlighted in the previous blog, jute has almost re-emerged as a versatile and environmentally conscious material choice.With its natural properties and diverse applications, jute is making a significant impact on modern packaging practices. The Eco-Friendly Essence of Jute: Biodegradability and Renewability:Jute is a natural fiber derived from the jute plant, making it inheren

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The Role of Natural Fibers in Modern Packaging

As consumers demand eco-friendly alternatives, the spotlight is turning towards natural fibers as a viable and responsible choice for modern packaging solutions. This blog explores the benefits and potential of using natural fibers in packaging, shedding light on how this eco-conscious approach can redefine the industry.The Rise of Natural Fibers:Traditional packaging materials like plastic have l

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Did You Know? - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a silent, worsening crisis that has captured the attention of environmentalists and concerned citizens. It is one of the most glaring manifestations of marine pollution. Covering waters from the West Coast of North America to Japan, the GPGP, also known as the Pacific trash vortex, is an enormous collection of floating debris that poses a significant threat

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