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New thinking, or everything stays different

As a responsible company, Epson is committed to implementing the UN's 17 global sustainability goals. They are the compass for the Epson Agenda 2030, which puts all activities under this goal.

Meerbusch, February 1st, 2021 - The year 2020 was very special in some respects and presented companies and private individuals with previously unknown challenges. Although the first lockdown in spring gave hope that everything was “under control”, it was probably just a foretaste of the coming second half of the year. The new shutdown, which is still ongoing due to the increasing number of infections, is keeping us in suspense. The hope that echoes in all foresight is linked to the fact that there is now a vaccine against corona that could show us a way back into our regular lives. A lot had to be “rethought”. Everything remains, but different.

This year will leave its mark; not only in private, but also in business terms. We had to learn that work processes that seem natural, such as participating in the regularly recurring trade fairs, are not set in stone. Every process and all familiar procedures have been and will continue to be subject to constant review.

For Epson in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, three strategies are in the foreground for 2021:

Epson's specialist retail strategy remains indirect! That means and also includes a “digital go to market”.
Sustainability, environmental awareness and measures to combat climate change are megatrends in our society. For us this is by no means a trend. Epson has long been the manufacturer with the most sustainable portfolio in the printer market. That is why we not only have to show responsibility, but also enable all of our specialist retail partners to earn money with sustainable solutions.
We face this obligation with our Value Strategy. It depends on the people! Flexibility, togetherness, identification and trust - in the company and home office (60/40 percent) and in business partnerships.
How is Epson?

There are important constants: The influence or the power of human interaction should not be underestimated. And perhaps precisely because qualities such as closeness and trust cannot be bought, they form the basis for responsible, more social interaction and thus also sustainable consumer behavior. And both are the basis for social solidarity that must be cultivated not only during but also after the corona pandemic.

Henning Ohlsson, Managing Director Epson Deutschland GmbH, Director Sustainability, Epson Europe:

A remarkable team effort

“Nobody knew how to steer a company through such“ troubled waters ”as a pandemic. We don't owe it to our products alone that we succeeded in doing this. The Epson teams mastered the challenge with their commitment, their commitment and their determination. A remarkable team effort! The past year has shown us that we can achieve almost anything with a lot of creativity and joint effort. For me, a central insight from 2020 is: Each individual has a decisive influence on the big picture and also on the functioning of the community. Paying attention to one another, showing responsibility and being aware of the consequences of your own actions.

However, the past year also made it clear to us that climate change is not taking a break from COVID 19. The 2-degree climate target, fair working conditions and transparent supply chains are topics that, in addition to the pandemic, determined the news of 2020. As a global manufacturer, we will always face the sustainability debate - well beyond 2021. We can, want and have to provide answers. This also means that this year we have received the best possible certifications for our production facilities and are officially among the top one percent of the most sustainable manufacturers of IT equipment worldwide. ”

Giordano Sticchi, Head of Epson branches in Switzerland and Austria

Solidarity and trust

“The past year presented everyone with a completely new situation. The first few months were characterized by uncertainty on the one hand, but also confidence that the crisis could be overcome quickly. This confidence, but also the solidarity with one another, play a large part in the fact that we have been able to close our business stable at the previous year's level over the whole year, after initial minor dips. We owe this above all to our customers, who have worked with us on a trusting basis over the year, and to our employees, who were there with great commitment even in difficult situations. "

Annette Harenberg, Head of Channel / Consumer Sales Breaking

new ground with our partners

“In times of distance learning, home office and a lot of“ time at home ”, printers were and are in demand for home use. A challenge for our team was to find and design the right sales channels in times of closed business. In addition to the obvious digital sales channels, we used and still use formats such as Click & Collect in the local markets. We were also able to successfully expand classic teleshopping for consumers as a sales channel. With EcoTank, we address price-sensitive and environmentally conscious customers in equal measure. Thanks to the strong and broad portfolio, we can also offer the 'right' EcoTank for very different usage scenarios. Our new business models, which complete the range and are particularly suitable for small companies, offer great potential.

Frank Schenk, Head of Professional Graphics & Industrial Printing

Unconventionally professional

“This year, with its many imponderables, in the industrial printing sector, due to the cancellation of the Drupa trade fair, we lost the opportunity to personally present our many new products to the general public. The way to reach our customers via webinars and live events was one of our challenges. We accepted them and coped with them well. Today we can proudly say that we are the only manufacturer that offers products in the textile sector - whether direct or indirect printing - signage, photo, CAD and proof - whether with resin ink, solvent, sublimation, water-based or UV ink. A broader portfolio is hardly possible. In this way we could and can serve all areas satisfactorily and, as in the textile and signage market, even record growth. I can rely 100 percent on my team. She tackled everything that was always there. On-site installations were also carried out and unconventional solutions were often found. I am convinced that the new ways that we have found for our customers will continue to be used in the future. Even if the new normal is digital. We look forward to seeing our partners again in person and, of course, the press. "

Axel Inhoffen, Manager PD Sales

Confidently on the road to success

“A year with not only exceptional conditions, but also a year that hardly left our projectors in the field of major events. Nevertheless, we have achieved economic success. Up to and including December, our sales result is eight percent above the plan for permanent installation. And we have not only managed to maintain our position as the market leader for installation projectors, but also to consolidate it. Many individual projects as well as the trust in Epson and our products have certainly contributed to this. We want to continue and expand our path together with our partners and customers. We will approach 2021 with a healthy dose of confidence. "

Christoph Ruhnke, Head of Business Systems

Product Portfolio creates growth

“With our significantly expanded portfolio, we can offer every company, from small self-marketers to large industrial partners, a suitable solution, particularly in the field of labeling or label printing. Thanks to this broad portfolio, we have not only been able to compensate for the difficult situation of the past year, especially in the hospitality segment, but have even achieved growth. The coming year sees the issue of fiscalization as a major task that has to be mastered. The law, which came into force at the beginning of 2020 and grants a transitional phase until March of this year, is now entering the decisive phase. Accordingly, we expect strong demand for our fiscal products and solutions, especially in the coming months.

Michael Rabbe, Head of Business Sales

From the “dent” to growth

“Despite difficult circumstances in the entire business printing environment, we did well in this area. We recovered unexpectedly quickly from the "spring dip" in early summer - especially in terms of print volume. For the last quarter we are already talking about a "noteworthy" growth. The decisive factor here is, on the one hand, the increasing demand for home office devices, and on the other hand, we also see that the sustainability aspect of IT in the office is increasingly becoming a purchasing criterion. Epson relies on energy-efficient technologies as well as the highest social and ethical standards in production - there is demand for this and communication is well received.

In the projectors sector, we can rely on digital display systems, whether interactive or not, also have great potential in 2021. The School Digital Pact, which offers teaching institutes an excellent basis for purchasing modern, interactive teaching equipment and thus training future generations in the best possible way, contributes to this. After a somewhat difficult start, we expect the digital pact to pick up speed significantly in 2021. Epson is the market leader in the field of education and is the only manufacturer to offer solutions for all requirements in educational institutions of all kinds.

We see that it is right to continue to rely on indirect sales with full conviction. Our dealers have placed their trust in us without any ifs, ors, or buts, even in turbulent times, that motivates the entire team and ultimately leads to a positive result for both sides. We would therefore like to thank you very much for the cooperation over the past year and look forward to 2021 with good expectations. "

Volker Spanier, Head of Robotic Solutions, Epson EMEA

Reshoring - everything stays different

“Our expectations for 2021 are consistently positive, because we are counting on the manufacturing industry to pick up speed again. We are currently experiencing the process of "reshoring", which means that the production processes are increasingly being returned from Asia to Eastern and Western Europe. We will support this process with a range of new products and solutions. But until we can meet our customers again, we will use our hybrid exhibition stand for our direct communication with them. We are well positioned. So we look positively into the near future. "

Highly developed technology, automation and digital tools have helped us as a society in the crisis situation in a way that should not be underestimated. What would have happened if this pandemic had broken out in the early 1990s?

Today's modern technology helps us to be close to one another even over great distances - and it shows how important this now self-evident availability of communication options is. It is only thanks to her that production and supply chains are reorganized and optimized in the shortest possible time. Online portals for ordering a pizza or a component for car production with downstream logistics keep us and our economy alive. Many companies and individuals will no longer want to do without this simplicity and convenience. Everything stays different.

About Epson Germany 

Epson Deutschland GmbH is a leading supplier of printers, scanners and projectors for companies, public clients and private customers. Epson offers products and solutions for large format, cash register, label and ticket printing especially for trade and industry. The product portfolio is expanded to include robot systems for assembly and handling. Epson Deutschland GmbH was founded in 1979 as a subsidiary of the Japanese SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. The company, based in Meerbusch (North Rhine-Westphalia), employs around 290 people and is responsible for the sales areas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At the Meerbusch site, Epson also operates an Industrial Solutions Center, in which energy-efficient office and specialized industrial applications are presented in action.

About Epson  

Epson is a leading global technology company. By connecting people, developments and information with their own efficient, compact and precise technologies, they want to become an indispensable part of society. Epson is an innovative company and has set itself the goal of continuously exceeding customer expectations with its products in the areas of inkjet, visual communication, wearables and robotics. It is important for Epson to actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and to support the goals of the United Nations for sustainable development. Under the leadership of the Japanese Seiko Epson Corporation, the global Epson Group generates annual sales of more than 10 billion US dollars.

Information about Epson Europe 

Epson Europe BV, based in Amsterdam, is the group's regional headquarters for Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Africa. Epson Europe employs 1,830 people and achieved sales of 1.7 billion euros in the 2018 financial year. 

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