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Amcor wins two Flexible Packaging Association achievement awards

Leading technologies recognized with two honors from the Flexible Packaging Association

Neenah, Wis. – Amcor is a leader in global consumer packaging, applying rich capabilities in material science and packaging technologies to solve complex challenges. Our innovative solutions anticipate needs in fast-changing markets to develop more responsible packaging solutions that unlock growth and win with both our customers and industry experts.

This year, Amcor is thrilled to be recognized for our leadership and celebrate two gold Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) achievement awards.

“It is exciting to be honored by the FPA for developing and producing leading packaging technologies for our customers,” said Amcor Chief Technology Officer William Jackson. “These technologies demonstrate our deep heritage and strategic commitment to innovation, and for delivering winning outcomes for our customers and the packaging industry at large.”

The FPA Achievement Awards have been showcasing industry innovation and advances that have changed the packaging industry since 1956. For recognition in expanding the use of flexible packaging, technical innovation, sustainability, printing and shelf impact, and packaging excellence, this year’s nominees included more than 200 entries across 75 package samples, which resulted in only 27 achievement awards across 20 packages, including:

Amcor dual-chamber pouch secures Gold achievement award for technical innovation

The Amcor dual-chamber pouch is a specialty multi-chamber pouch with a breathable membrane separating the chambers. The innovative packaging format consists of a peelable device chamber and non-peelable desiccant chamber. The desiccant is kept separate from the device by a vented film allowing the headspace in the two chambers to equilibrate. This leading solution is ideal for moisture sensitive applications such as drug-coated products which may be adversely affected by ambient moisture content. The non-peelable chamber also can be used to house other scavenging technologies including oxygen. Versions of the Amcor dual -chamber pouch are available for both irradiation and ETO sterilization.

“Amcor’s dual-chamber pouch technology is an excellent example of our commitment to using product innovation to advance patient safety in packaging,” said Amcor Healthcare Research and Development (R&D) Senior Director Brian Ingraham. “The technology eliminates the potential for contamination from scavenging sachets, with the device directly or within the surgical theatre.”

Shield Pack® clear high-barrier aseptic IBC liner garners Gold achievement award for technical innovation

Amcor’s innovative designers were faced with a challenge: The up-to-300 gallons of aseptic product within a bulk package could not be examined until dispensing occurred due to the bulk package’s metallized structure. Providing extended shelf life and a high barrier were key, while also targeting the clarity manufacturers want. Shield Pack® clear high-barrier aseptic IBC liner provides clarity and durability that distribution demands, while the multi-layer structure safeguards against moisture, oxygen and environmental contamination. This exciting technology extends distribution range, reduces transit failures, improves product quality and color, all while delivering other important attributes, including extended shelf-life, durability and the clear packaging format manufacturers want.

This year’s award ceremony was held virtually on March 10. Jackson accepted the awards on behalf of Amcor alongside members of the company’s core R&D team. Highlights from this year’s awards are available to stream.

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About Amcor
Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home- and personal-care, and other products. Amcor works with leading companies around the world to protect their products and the people who rely on them, differentiate brands, and improve value chains through a range of flexible and rigid packaging, specialty cartons, closures, and services. The company is focused on making packaging that is increasingly light-weighted, recyclable and reusable, and made using a rising amount of recycled content. Around 47,000 Amcor people generate US$12.5 billion in sales from operations that span about 230 locations in 40-plus countries. NYSE: AMCR; ASX: AMC 

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