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VCI protective packaging: reliable protection saves you time and money


It is already too late when rust starts to spread. Rust causes serious damages to high-quality metal parts and inevitably results in significantly higher costs, or even loss of production. The VCI packaging solutions from rose plastic offer reliable, integrated, anti-corrosion protection. 

Our VCI protective packaging:

•can be adapted exactly to your product sizes, is space-saving and easy in handling
•provides comprehensive protection for your products, not only against corrosion but also against mechanical influences during transportation and storage
•ensures that the metal parts are clean and ready for immediate use after unpacking. No additional cleaning of the metal surfaces or extra processing is necessary
•is environmentally-friendly thanks to its reusability and the saving of solvent
•fulfils the occupational exposure limit values according to TRGS 900

Our extensive standard products are available in polypropylene (PP) transparent and polyethylene (PE) natural as VCI packaging.



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    corrosion/rust protection VCI film & VCI papers are most in demand

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