Smart Packaging to smooth wrinkles

Dispenser with innovative technology to help rotate the product timely.


Technology and product design firm Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) teamed up with global beauty brand Avon to use smart packaging to support consumer trials of a revolutionary new anti-ageing product.The companies were using CDP’s unique user insight service, diialog™, to maximise the potential of a critical new product launch. The new skincare product combines two different night creams that need to be rotated every seven days to prevent the user’s skin adapting to the skincare regime. A year-long clinical study had confirmed that rotating the product improved the appearance of the users’ skin - following the instructions to regularly rotate the dispenser. Avon wanted additional reassurance that consumers would continue to follow the usage instructions over time – so turned to CDP to see how users were actually interacting with the product at home. “Our challenge from Avon was to verify that users were remembering to rotate their double-ended dispenser each week,” said Tom Lawrie-Fussey, digital services specialist at CDP. “Our own challenge was to ensure the diialog technology could be incorporated into the dispenser without adversely affecting its performance or appearance, whilst also making sure there was sufficient battery life to cover Avon’s month-long consumer trial requirements.” The results of the trial revealed that users were able to successfully follow the regimen of rotating the dispenser each week. As well as successfully assessing and evaluating the original challenge, the trial also uncovered further opportunities for packaging innovation to help maximise continued adherence to the desired usage regimen.

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