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SIG: Aseptic Pack from Renewable Materials

Psignature Pack Is Described As The First Aseptic Pack 100 Linked To Plantbased Renewable Materialp

SIG's SIGNATURE PACK is aimed primarily at the food and beverage industries, but is said to also be applicable to pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and sustainable packaging is behind the company’s development of the SIGNATURE PACK.

The SIGNATURE PACK drives the replacement of conventional plastics from fossil fuels with certified and sustainable plant-based polymer materials. The polymers used for laminating the paperboard and for making the spout originate from renewable European wood sources and are certified according to ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) or CMS 71 (TÜV SÜD certification standard), respectively, via a mass balance system. This means that for the polymers used in the SIGNATURE PACK, an equivalent amount of bio-based feedstock went into the manufacturing of the polymers.

The development an aseptic carton pack fully linked to renewable plant materials is challenging in that storing products in aseptic packages without refrigeration over a long period requires higher barrier requirements than chilled packages.