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The New WINE GROWLER is Here!


Perfect for coffee shops, wine bars and tasting rooms, the 1.5L growler to-go pouch features the same sturdy construction, recyclable materials, and high quality tap dispensers used on all AstroPaq® pouches.

AstroPaq® Flexible Wine Growler Benefits

Fills easily through wide-mouth cap—no fixture needed

Stays fresh—5x longer shelf-life once opened than in glass growlers

Saves space—flat pouches store easily and take up 1/4 the space of empty glass growlers

Costs less—$2.82 each vs. $5.00 each for glass growlers

Fully customizable—can be preprinted, labeled, or hand-written

Versatile—ideal for wine, spirits, slushies, cold brew coffee, and more!

AstroPaq® Flexible Wine Growler Features

Unique chalkboard design: use a label or write right on the pouch

Wide-mouth cap for easy filling

Optional pilfer-proof cap available at no extra charge

One-way tap keeps oxygen out and beverages fresh

Easy-grip handle for grab-and-go convenience

Better for the environment: reduces weight & energy inputs, made from recyclable materials

Reusable—just drink, clean, refill and repeat!



  1. :

    what about using it for beer?
  2. :

    I doubt that this can be used for beer as beer is pressurised and would have lots of froth, beer typically need rigid walls of the container but its flexible

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