The New WINE GROWLER is Here!

The New WINE GROWLER is Here!

AstraPouch® is proud to introduce the first-ever flexible-packaging growler!


Perfect for coffee shops, wine bars and tasting rooms, the 1.5L growler to-go pouch features the same sturdy construction, recyclable materials, and high quality tap dispensers used on all AstroPaq® pouches.

AstroPaq® Flexible Wine Growler Benefits

Fills easily through wide-mouth cap—no fixture needed

Stays fresh—5x longer shelf-life once opened than in glass growlers

Saves space—flat pouches store easily and take up 1/4 the space of empty glass growlers

Costs less—$2.82 each vs. $5.00 each for glass growlers

Fully customizable—can be preprinted, labeled, or hand-written

Versatile—ideal for wine, spirits, slushies, cold brew coffee, and more!

AstroPaq® Flexible Wine Growler Features

Unique chalkboard design: use a label or write right on the pouch

Wide-mouth cap for easy filling

Optional pilfer-proof cap available at no extra charge

One-way tap keeps oxygen out and beverages fresh

Easy-grip handle for grab-and-go convenience

Better for the environment: reduces weight & energy inputs, made from recyclable materials

Reusable—just drink, clean, refill and repeat!

Comments (2)

  • anon

    what about using it for beer?

    Aug 28, 2018
  • anon
    Sandeep Goyal

    I doubt that this can be used for beer as beer is pressurised and would have lots of froth, beer typically need rigid walls of the container but its flexible

    Aug 30, 2018

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