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Nestlé has shrunk the packaging

Nestlé has announced that it will be reducing the amount of plastic used in its Bakers’ Choice range of baking chocolate.

The smaller packages, which have been stripped back to use as little plastic as possible, will still hold exactly the same amount of made-for-baking chocolate as before.

By optimising the range’s packaging, Nestlé has predicted that the amount of plastic used will be reduced by almost 1.7 tonnes each year.

Nestlé Confectionery Head of Marketing Joyce Tan said: “We want to reduce our use of virgin plastics. That meant challenging our existing packaging design and looking at every aspect of it to cut out any plastic we could.

“While plastic is terrific at ensuring safety and freshness, we need to be thoughtful about its use.”

The change in packaging is part of Nestlé’s commitment to reduce the amount of virgin plastics it uses each year, with the ultimate goal of reducing its global use by a third come 2025.

The new packaging will be in stores around Australia from November.

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