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Hippo Premium Packaging Designs New Look and Upscale Packaging for Hi-Klas Cannabis

Hippo Premium Packaging, a leading provider of custom packaging and branding solutions to the legal cannabis industry, announced it designed a new look and packaging for Hi-Klas, a premium cannabis company in Arizona.

Hi-Klas has a diverse product line, including concentrates, flower, and cartridges in a wide array of strains and flavors.

Hippo Premium Packaging was selected by Hi-Klas to redesign its entire packaging line. Hippo designed a stunning new look for Hi-Klas to position the brand as upscale, as well as command attention, and generate sales.

Jacob Glick, Director of Wholesale Operations and Sales of Hi-Klas, said it was a joy working with the team at Hippo.

"We knew our packaging had to be outstanding. We looked at packaging we admired from other brands, and discovered that Hippo was the company behind some of the looks we loved the most," he said. "It quickly became clear that Hippo had the talent and experience to take our product line and turn it into the best looking brand in the market."

Kary Radestock, CEO of Hippo Premium Packaging, said the team put its extensive knowledge about printing, design, and packaging to work for Hi-Klas.

"We knew this brand needed something really special, so we pulled out all the stops," Radestock commented. "Because our team comes from the printing and packaging industry, we know a bit more than the average 'Johnny-come-lately' cannabis packaging company, and were able to create a packaging line that conveys superior quality, and shows each product in a unique, but coordinated manner."

The new packaging will be unveiled on July 10 at select dispensaries throughout Arizona.

"Our new color coding system gives a unique look to each individual strain, and allows budtenders and customers to find exactly what they want, quickly and easily," Glick added. "We think our customers are going to love it."