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Gigantic green bean serves as tennis ball packaging in bowler & kimchi's 'bean playing tennis' design

Short Description: 
‘Bean playing tennis’ by dutch agency bowler & kimchi is a packaging concept that sees a tennis ball pack transformed into a gigantic green bean. the product is developed as a playful container that helps motivate kids to get outside more. able to hold four tennis balls, the bean is made of semi-matt finished, hard plastic, which clamps the balls in place but is soft enough to allow enough movement.

Bowler & kimchi has designed ‘bean playing tennis’ as an alternative tennis ball packaging concept that stands out and motivates kids to get out and have fun with it. made of hard plastic, the bean clamps four tennis balls in place but is soft enough to allow enough movement to pull the balls free from the front of the bean. the product is complete with a hook that extends from the top of the bean as an organic, natural extension. this hook allows it to be hung in store or on the mesh fence found at a tennis court. ‘bean playing tennis’ has won the gold award at the 2020 pentawards.