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Fun soap packaging comes with a removable kimono for kids to play

Short Description: 
Babies and children under the age of five are more at risk of infection because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. consequently, a good hygiene practice is important to protect them. but how to explain this to small kids? Robert Dadashev, together with other students at Moscow’s Britsh school of art & design, has created a soap packaging dubbed Akio that aims to help parents bathe children that are not very keen on it.

To make any activity fun for kids, play is always a good solution Akio is a japanese-style bathing tool that turns the bathing process into a fun and interactive game. Parents can play with children, directing their attention towards a packaging that requires some sort of interactive fun. Covered in a removable kimono, the soap container will surprise the toddler, grabbing their attention and changing his or her attitude towards the bathing process. 

Recently, akio won the pentawards in the NXT-GEN  category.