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Easy open can for Tuna Fish

The mechanism used for opening cans has replaced the pull-back tab mechanism with a sliding key mechanism which the key can also be used after opening as a fork, useful for ‘on the go’ consumption. The key- is made from injection moulded poly propylene because it is food safe, relatively low cost, recyclable and quite strong. The key is positioned onto the lid after the can is sealed and heated. The rivet- in which the key locks into is rivetted onto the lid part before the outer edge of the lid is rolled onto the can. The lid- is made from stamped aluminium, then its outer edge is rolled around the can to seal. The fault line of the lid is made from a thinner wall thickness, which makes it possible for the lid to open. The can- is made from aluminium, punched out from a large roll, then drawn out to form the can. The can is ideal because it is food safe once coated and sterilised, relatively cheap, strong, lightweight and able to be heated to high temperatures. This Can overcome the problem with the current ordinary packaging used for canned tuna which requires a relatively flat tab to be pulled up to puncture the seal, then the user to insert their finger or a tool into the hole of the tab to pull it back and pull the remainder of the lid off the can. The can and lid also once opened, both pose a safety issue as their edges are also quite sharp, creating a cutting hazard. This new design concept win the Australian Packaging award.