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Dispenser Carton With Spout


A measurement system is incorporated using small windows on the side of the package so that one can see the amount in grammes, which makes it very easy to use. The spout functions well both in opening, pouring and closing and continues to work well even after repeated use. The front of the package has a window so that you can see the product and you know instantly what you are buying. Then, on the back of the carton is a recipe which is printed in such a way as to make it easy to tear off using the perforations. This can then be saved along with other recipe cards from this range. The package once more highlights the resourcefulness of carton makers and folding cartons as a versatile packaging material.offset printing in four colours was used along with protection varnish. The package is automatically erected and filled. There are also various added functions in this carton, such as the tear off recipe card, the dispenser spout, a simple but effective measurement system and a window to show the variety of rice that the package contains. The cartonboard used was frövi light 330 gsm.