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The D-Flex Connect is smart-health ready

Using integrated optical sensors in the pen, D-Flex Connect provides valuable feedback, not only confirming that the patient has taken the medication but also indicating the precise amount administered each time. This information on the time and dose of each subcutaneous application is automatically documented, giving a clear picture of the patient's current therapy status. Connectivity via smart phone app means patients receive a reminder if they forget to take a dose. Moreover, they can view details themselves, for example to check whether they have already administered the drug. This innovative combination of state-of-the-art disposable injection pen and future-proof connected platform provides peace of mind for patients and medical professionals alike and helps to enhance patient safety. What's more, clearer insights can help improve compliance and therapy effectiveness.

Short Description: 
Phaselmeiers Dflex Connect Solution Comprises The Disposable Dflex Injection Pen A Smart Cap And Innovative Technology Platformp

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