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Csd Packaging


Globally more than half of all csd&rsquos are sold in plastic bottles. Cans account for about 25 of the pack mix. The rest is split between glass and bulk packs over 5 litres. Both cans and plastic bottles are experiencing growth while glass is declining for csd beverages. In the us, the csd market is mature and has a stable pack mix largely of beverage cans and plastic bottles. In western europe, another mature csd market, glass is losing share to plastics while the can is maintaining its share. Spain, the largest market for beverage can consumption in europe is showing good growth prospects for the next couple of years partly due to growth in the &lsquotake home&rsquo market and its thriving tourist industry. In eastern europe glass has been largely replaced by plastic. Beverage cans are alsogaining share, especially in russia and poland where growth rates are expected to be strong over the next few years. Plastic continues to dominate in south america and asia. Csd consumption is growing above the average rate in both these regions and glass is losing market share to both cans and plastic bottles. Cans are also growing particularly well in china and india.