new closing system for paints and chemicals

solutions that enables manufacturers to automate their filling and closing process

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ardagh group
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paul stokes
commercial director paints & coatings

a new opening system from leading metal container innovator ardagh group, dedicated for paint and chemical industriesthis solution improves filling efficiencies and customer convenience.the ingenious spring latch® closing system has been rewarded with a bronze award at the competitive 2014 dutch &ldquogolden nut&rdquo packaging awards.the spring latch® metal closing system for 530lmetal conical pails eliminates the need for manual closing required with standard latch ring closures, and provides a safe solution to a problem, which the industry has faced for many years.this solution offers flexibility, is reliable and economic as it enables fillers to close pails automatically with their existing equipmentthe system&rsquos unique design automatically expands the ring latch when vertical pressure is applied to the lid, and securely fixes the lid onto the container.this simple yet ingenious manoeuvre seals the lid, but allows the customer to open and reclose the pails effortlessly as they were accustomed to doing in the pastthis ardagh patented solution enables manufacturers to further automate their filling and closing processpress release available at  httpwww.packagingconnections.compressreleaseardaghintroducesnewclosingsystempaintandchemicalindustries.htm0 

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