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BottleClips® is a new generation bottle which allow to stack and snap bottles together.

In a simple move, these unique bottles get interlocked to be­come a one and unique packaging. BottleClips® bottles are patended worldwide! Less bulky, your drinks can now follow you in your daily activities and can be separated to drink or to share your favorite beverages. ​ You want to market your products differently? BottleClips® opens new marketing perspectives. More than a new design, your customers will appreciate the many practical aspects of it. ​BottleClips Innovative and very distinctive, BottleClips® will provide you a great modularity to promote your range of products. Individually sleeved or in a stack of two, three or more, you can now adapt your assortments or let your customers compose according to their desires. In addition to being an attractive and playful packaging for your customers, BottleClips® bottles are studied to maximize storage space on shelving, cupboards, refrigerators as well as in a bag. MARKETING ASSETS Innovative Eye-catching Strong visual identification & differentiation PET bottles Storage optimisation on shelving Add useful functionality to standard bottles Increase sells by selling several products at once Opens new market channels Storage optimisation (warehouse/retail/home, dry/cold) Bottles can be sold clipped or unclipped CUSTOMERS ASSETS Practical & fun Easy-to-use Storage optimisation Customization of consumption A concept which fits with traveling people Rationalization of consumption A new experience of sharing beverages

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