packaging innovations

Mars, Rodenburg, and Taghleef win the 11th Global Bioplastics Award 2016 for chocolate bar wrapper. Mondi also contributed to the success.

This is a carton developed by adding a advertising function to the conventional “DIET BOX”.

Bericap has developed a new 2-piece sports closure, allowing a 2-colour look with a transparent PP shell and a coloured HDPE pourer section.

This flavoured milk display developed by CRIMSON CS PRIVATE LIMITED is attractive and is designed for Client brief (Fonterra Brands SL).

Restore all natural protective packaging from Sealed Air is a home compostable solution that’s grown, not manufactured, to meet packaging needs.

The new lip balm package is eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic.

A refill package in which there it no requirement of opening and dispensing the product inside the outer container

This BEAM-BOX is an attractive, sustainable, innovative and practical to use pack.

Mondi’s eye-catching retail beverage pack “Take it” is a special designed pack for design and functionality.


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