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Webinar on Functional and Qualification tests for Prefilled Syringes

PFS is one of the key way of packaging many injectibles and vaccines. Normally high value drugs are packed into PFS and PFS could be either glass or plastics. The quality testing and functional requirements are the key criteria to accept the PFS. This is the topic not much talked about but very closely followed by various pharmaceutical companies. Keeping in mind its importance, we have designed a one hous technical webinar around this topic in our upcoming webinar on Functional and Qualification tests for Prefilled Syringes and will be covering mainly the following points like:

What is Prefilled Syringe

• Benefits of prefilled syringe

• Types of pre filled syringe

• Qualification and functional testing of PFS

o PFS development and licensing o Human factors

o Manufacturing Requirements

o Glass barrel or plastic barrel, needle and needle shield

o Cosmetic imperfections

o Extractable and Leachable

o Plunger stopper suitability

o Container closure integrity

o Drug product compatibility

o Functional Testing of PFS

• Packaging of PFS

The webinar will be live two times( 2pm-3pm and 8pm-9pm) on 2nd February 2021 to have global coverage. You can choose your preferred time slot. Webinar is free but recordings/presentation copy will be available at a nominal fee and you can decide to buy it after the webinar if you like. Generic Prefilled Vaccine Syringes ( For Registration click on the link:

Looking forward to see you at Webinar.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - 14:00 to 15:00