• Nemera launches UniSpray, its unidose system primarily for systemic-acting drug administration.

    Nemera has a proven track record in developing and manufacturing complex Ear Nose and Throat solutions. In line with clear growing market interest in unidose system coupled with promising advantages that nasal route could offer, Nemera is thrilled to extend its portfolio by launching its unidose system, UniSpray, for systemic-acting drug administration to face emergency and crisis.

  • Global Pharma & Drug Delivery Summit

    The Global Pharma & Drug Delivery Summit 2022 would like to welcome all the pharmaceutical professionals and companies, students, researchers, scientists, practitioners, medical specialists, clinical scientists, technologists, and other healthcare professionals to participate and speak at our prestigious Pharmaceutical Summit 2022 slated on August 22-24, 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany.

    This Pharma Summit 2022 revolves around the theme – “Together with Pharma Masterminds: Opportunities, Technology, and Challenges”. The Pharma Summit 2022 will help the delegates to establish their research or business relations as well as to make international linkage for future collaborations in their career path. Your presence will be much appreciated.

    This global meeting is a one-of-a-kind event, where you will have a chance to discuss, access to key benefits of the upcoming sustainable and highly innovative sectors in pharmaceutical R&D. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical conferences in the industry, has a lot to offer you. There would be several sessions at Pharma Summit 2022; right from Opinion makes Discussions, exhibition, networking with peers, to high-end conferences, luncheons, creating it exceptionally worthwhile. 

    Objectives of Pharma Summit 2022

    • To provide attendees with an in-depth knowledge of the novel drug system and formulation research technique being employed by scientists, chemists, and pharmacologists worldwide;
    • To enhance participants with an understanding of where the pharmaceutical sciences and drug development sectors are heading over the next decade, so that they may line-up their career objectives, accordingly in order to raise themselves exceptionally;
    • To spread the enlightenment of drugs and vaccines (for both old diseases and new ones) amongst healthcare professionals, scientists, surgeons, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and physicians;
    • To promote awareness on development efficacy and ethics to Board Members, Managing Directors, CFOs, CEOs, and other top executives from various pharma and drug-producing industries spread all over the Globe;
    • To encourage research funding and the flow of reproving financial support to scientific projects and travel the world over, that is on the edge of making major advancement that will have crucial importance on the way medical science is dispensed the world over;
    • To provide medical practitioners, and physicians with the latest guidelines on how to go about diagnosing infections and diseases (that scientists have made more discoveries about over the past few years), as well as the refurbished specifications for prescribing the most appropriate course of medication for patients of their illnesses;
    • To boost and promote pharmacology and pharmaceutical science research professionals to wander into the study of new viruses, bacterial infections, diseases, autoimmune disorders, cerebral conditions, etc, and not to stick to the field that already has a considerable number of research projects;
    • To highlight on novel drug system, testing, and deployment techniques that will make easiest and quicker for pharma companies to discover, test, and market their new products more proficiently.



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    How to get there

    Frankfurt, Germany

    Mainhaus Stadthotel Frankfurt
    Lange Strasse 26
    60311 Frankfurt am Main


    Tickets info

    Name: Scarlet Grand

    Phone: +1 256 240 0136

    Email: contactus@worldpharmasummit.com

  • Schütz acquires well established manufacturer of jerrycans and drums

    With the acquisition of GEM Plastics Limited, Schütz is expanding its product portfolio in the field of industrial packaging and further increasing its performance for customers in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

  • Aptar Pharma Enters into Partnership with Stallergenes Greer to Develop Novel Digital Health Ecosystem for Allergen Immunotherapy Treatment

     Aptar Pharma, a global leader in drug delivery systems, services and active material science solutions, today announced an exclusive partnership with Stallergenes Greer, a global healthcare company specializing in allergen immunotherapy (AIT), for the development of a new connected drug delivery device and companion mobile app, the first of its kind, for patients undergoing Stallergenes Greer’s AIT treatments with sublingual solutions.

  • Dr. Schär Introduces the World’s First Recycled Plastic Packaging for Gluten-free Bread


    Sustainable innovation
    The new, sustainable packaging will be launched throughout Europe in late 2021 for their gluten-free sandwich buns, Schär Panini Rolls, producing the packaging with innovative material made from the advanced recycling of mixed post-consumer plastics.

    “We aim to be in the vanguard of sustainability.
    And as innovation lies at the core of our company, we worked to achieve this big step – offering more sustainable solutions and at the same time continue to provide great tasting and safe products,” says Dr. Schär CEO Philipp Schoeller. “Our partner Niederwieser with suppliers SABIC and DSM share similar sustainability commitments and are also working to increase the supply of recycled material. Together we can be among the first to close the loop.”

    Working together towards a circular economy
    The partnership between the two family-run businesses is based on the shared vision of a sustainable future and on striving towards a circular economy. Currently, the recycling of plastics in Europe is mainly carried out by means of mechanical processes, however the recyclate obtained is not suitable for use in food contact packaging due to migration, hygiene and performance issues. This is where advanced recycling comes in, which allows for post-consumer recyclables or composite materials to become recyclable. While the number of advanced recycled quantities available today is very limited and the process is somewhat more complex, the quality is comparable to that of virgin material and therefore suitable for sensitive food application. Although advanced recycling is still in the infant stages and is not yet readily available due to the lack of large-scale recycling facilities, the industry promises new opportunities in the coming future.

    Dr. Schär will be a first-mover in the bread industry, launching the certified advanced recycling innovation for sensitive food application as produced and developed by Niederwieser and its extrusion subsidiary VF Verpackungen GmbH. All three partners, Niederwieser, SABIC and DSM, are certified by ISCC for using certified recycled plastic following a mass balance approach.

    “We strive towards a circular economy by keeping material in the loop and using recycled material,” says Hannes Niederwieser, CEO Niederwieser Spa. “A long standing relationship connects the two companies.  . However, we do not want to be mere suppliers, but know that we can only grow and achieve our goals together, as partners. What unites us is a common mission: continuous and sustainable development while maintaining the highest quality of our products.”

    Dr. Schär will be the first manufacturer in the gluten free bread industry, launching the certified advanced recycling innovation for sensitive food application.

  • Aptar Pharma and i2c Pharmaceutical Services Announce Partnership for Next Generation Propellant Dispersible Tablet pMDI Technology

    Crystal Lake, Illinois and Cardiff, United Kingdom, October 21, 2021 - Aptar Pharma, a global leader in drug delivery systems, services and active material science solutions, and i2c Pharmaceutical Services, a leading service provider for the development of pharmaceutical formulations, today announced an exclusive partnership to co-develop and promote i2c’s patented pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) technology, Respitab.

  • Rondo-Pak Announces Major Solar Energy Project at Camden, NJ Headquarters

    Company’s $4M investment expected to generate 60 percent of the facility’s electricity needs.

    Rondo-Pak, a leading provider of quality folding cartons and printed components for the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer industries, has announced its investment of over $4 million in a major solar energy project at its primary manufacturing facility in Camden, New Jersey. Once installed, the project will provide 2.2 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy per year.

  • WWP Beauty Launches Sustainable, Refillable Stock Packaging Collection

    New “Refill Revolution” collection of refillable packaging solutions offers greater sustainable impact and a circular design system.

  • Aptar CSP Technologies Awarded $19 Million Government Contract to Expand Production Capacity for its Activ-Film™ Technology Used in COVID-19 Test Kits

    Technologies, part of AptarGroup, Inc., and a leader in active material science solutions that ensure product protection, extend shelf life and improve user experience, was awarded a $19 million contract from the U.S. government. This award will support expanded domestic production capacity for the company’s proprietary Activ-Film™ technology, which is used to protect and ensure COVID-19 test kit integrity and accuracy. 

  • Amcor announces breakthrough healthcare lidding technology for combination products


    Amcor, a global leader in developing and producing a diverse offering of responsible packaging solutions, today announced the launch of a proprietary healthcare lidding technology that will be utilized for combination products – those consisting of two or more regulated components (device, drug or biologic).

    This latest innovation from Amcor is based on a patented inert film development and laminate design. It provides a lidding solution that can withstand heat sterilization, the process of preserving and sterilizing items, while preventing drug uptake into the packaging. The packaging solution is ideal for combination healthcare products, such as devices with an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) that forms the basis of a medicine. It ensures machinability, integrity after sterilization, as well as a convenient peel opening for patients. The features of the new product complement Amcor’s existing healthcare portfolio, which range from liddi ng for demanding sterilization environments to high barrier overwraps protecting eye droppers and medications for the eye.

    Amcor collaborated with Johnson & Johnson Vision over the course of several years to develop the lidding technology for use with contact lenses. Each company contributed specific skills and perspective, notably Amcor’s expertise with film extrusion, lamination and conversion for healthcare, and J&J Vision’s expertise on ophthalmic device packaging requirements.

    Peter Konieczny, Amcor’s Chief Commercial Officer said: “We are bringing together industry-leading innovation and close customer relationships to develop the packaging solutions of the future. With this next-generation healthcare lidding technology we are opening a world of possibilities for products using active pharma ingredients. We look forward to extending this differentiated lidding technology to additional combination products in the future.”

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