• Aptar CSP Technologies Awarded $19 Million Government Contract to Expand Production Capacity for its Activ-Film™ Technology Used in COVID-19 Test Kits

    Aptar CSP Technologies, part of AptarGroup, Inc., and a leader in active material science solutions that ensure product protection, extend shelf life and improve user experience, was awarded a $19 million contract from the U.S. government. This award will support expanded domestic production capacity for the company’s proprietary Activ-Film™ technology, which is used to protect and ensure COVID-19 test kit integrity and accuracy. 

  • Milliken & Company Acquires Encapsys, LLC

    Spartanburg, S.C. – Milliken & Company (“Milliken”), a global diversified manufacturer with more than a century and a half of materials science expertise, has formally acquired Encapsys, LLC (“Encapsys”), a world leader in microencapsulation, from the Cypress Performance Group LLC (“Cypress”). The transaction officially closed October 18, 2021.

  • CMP Pharma, Inc. Announces Unit Dose Packaging for CaroSpir®, The First and Only FDA-Approved Spironolactone Oral Suspension


    CaroSpir ensures that adult patients who have difficulty swallowing or who cannot swallow tablets receive a stable and consistent dose of spironolactone every time without the concerns associated with unapproved compounded formulations. The new unit dose package makes administering CaroSpir even easier and more convenient for health care providers.

    The 5 mL cups contain a single pre-measured dose of CaroSpir, helping health care providers save time, minimize product waste, reduce risk associated with handling of medications that should not be crushed and reduce the burden of administration. The single dose package allows for a more efficient use of nursing resources by eliminating the time needed for compounding or pouring at the bedside.

    "CaroSpir is a convenient, safe, and approved liquid option for patients who need it, and the new unit dose cup makes administering CaroSpir even easier for busy healthcare workers," said Gerald Sakowski, CEO of CMP Pharma, Inc.

    Unit dose CaroSpir is available in cartons of 10 cups, 5mL per cup. CaroSpir is also available in 118 mL and 473 mL bottles. All formulations have 24-month dating and are manufactured and tested at CMP Pharma's FDA-inspected GMP manufacturing facility in Farmville, North Carolina.

  • WWP Beauty Wins Multiple Awards in Prestigious Beauty Packaging Design Competitions

    The company won four awards for its sustainable stock packaging solutions at the 2021 Global Beauty & Wellness Awards and the 2021 Pentawards.

    Los Angeles, CA – WWP Beauty, a leading full-service supplier to the global beauty industry, was recently recognized for four of its sustainable stock packages during the 2021 Global Beauty & Wellness Awards and the 2021 Pentawards. Each of the packages represented a different category within the beauty space and showcased future-focused, exemplary sustainable design. 

  • Michelman Introduces Bio-Based Solutions that Enhance Exterior Wood & Concrete Coatings


     When used as an alternative to synthetic surface modifiers in high-quality coatings, Michelman’s bio-based technology demonstrates comparable or enhanced abrasion resistance, improved scratch resistance, and superior matting. In addition, these surface modifiers comprise significant levels of sustainable materials providing performance properties that meet or exceed the standard set by synthetic products in the marketplace.

    Explains Melanie Bauer, the company’s Global Marketing Director for Coatings, “These products enhance the natural pattern of wood, and are an effective additive for improving the durability and aesthetics of stone-based substrates. Furthermore, all products in the NatureShield® family contain at least 10% naturally derived content. Those with 50% or greater are designated as bio-based; those with 10-49% are designated as bio-containing.”

    Michelman will feature its bio-based NatureShield® solutions in booth #302 at the Western Coatings Show held October 17-20 in Las Vegas, NV. Additionally, Ms. Emily Curry, Michelman’s Global Marketing Manager for Coatings, will also be presenting “Sustainable Surface Modifiers” on October 20th.

  • Symbioze, the smart, high volume and sustainable on-body injector platform developed by Nemera, wins the ‘Connected Devices and Wearables’ Award at Pharmapack 2021

    On October 12th, during the Pharmapack Awards Ceremony, a team of industry experts awarded Symbioze, Nemera’s large-volume on-body injector, with the Pharmapack Award in the “Connected Devices and Wearables” category.


    The packaging industry, while might appear to be concentrated and operational in a small niche, caters to a wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers. In this blog, we will list the major Indian packaging companies that support the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Essentra Packaging to showcase its agile, efficient and sustainable pharma packaging solutions at CPhI

    Essentra Packaging will unveil its latest pharmaceutical packaging solutions that provide both supply chain agility and sustainability benefits on stand 6B30 at CPhI Worldwide in Milan between 9th-11th of November.
    Whether pharmaceutical companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise material usage, use only FSC content and replace plastic materials, or reduce packing time and maximise machine efficiencies – Essentra Packaging’s experts will be on hand to discuss the options available. 

  • Revolutionary biomass-based plastic used for blister packaging


    Astellas has begun using biomass-based plastics made from plant-derived materials in blister packages as the primary packaging for pharmaceutical products. This is the world’s first use of biomass plastic for drug blister packages.

    The blister package is made of biomass-based plastic, polyethylene derived from sugarcane, as 50 percent of its raw material. It is an environmentally friendly packaging that aligns with the concept of carbon neutrality to balance greenhouse gas emissions and absorption.

    Blister packages as tablet packaging containers are required to have high tablet protection and usability. For example, strength that can withstand impact and sealability that will keep outside air from entering, while maintaining enough softness so that the tablets can be easily taken out. The visibility of the packaged tablets and the ease in which it can be separated are also key considerations. Astellas, by using its packaging technology cultivated over many years, has actualised the production of the biomass-based plastic sheets that can be mass-produced while achieving tablet protection function and usability.

    In financial year 2021, Astellas will start using the biomass-based plastic blister package for the “Irribow® Tablet 5µg” (ramosetron hydrochloride) for irritable bowel syndrome. According to the company, it will continue to switch from the conventional petroleum-derived plastic blister package to the biomass-based plastic blister package for other products as well, and it will also seek new packaging materials that are superior in terms of sustainability.

    The adoption of biomass-based plastics in blister packages is one of the efforts towards Astella’s “Deepen our Engagement in Sustainability” as one of its strategic goals in its Corporate Strategic Plan 2021. Astellas also believes that this will contribute to Goal 13 of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”. 


    Gualapack Spa is announcing its plans for expansion in Brazil, as part of the Group’s continued efforts for a sustainable, global growth through vertical integration. 


    Gualapack strongly pursues international development to support its positioning on the global market as the world leader in pre-made spouted pouches and a global player in the flexible packaging industry. Brazil has been a strategic area for the company's growth since 2015, when the Group opened the dedicated subsidiary Gualapack Brasil in Iperó / São Paulo by merging with pouch producer Tradbor.


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