• Pyramidal boiling rice bag


    Pyramidal boiling rice bag is an attractive package featuring microperforation and making surface for diffusion. This bag is made of heat sealable packing foil and suitable for packaging the required goods. This bag is created in pyramidal shape by two pairs of cross jaws closing bags alternately by 90° (single tube packaging machine) or by a group of rotating longitudinal jaws by 90° around the tube (multi-tube packaging machine) . It may also be identified as triangle or tetrahedron. Those bags can also be supplemented with seal precut for easy opening. It is suitable for packing diverse products, from loose teas, spices, rice, sweets to drug products (shampoos, masks, conditioners). In the case of packing goods into boiling bags (especially teas, spices and rice) more internal space is valued. These bags have more inner space over other bag types, ensures perfect spread and rotation of boiled or cooked products, taste and smell stand out better in the meal and due to movement naturally unfold. The Advantages includes :-Better protection for consumer to avoid incineration, Increased convenience to use boil-in-bag package, Reduction of foil consumption compared to traditional bags, Shape of the pyramid bag allows rice a better swelling,because this shape offers a bigger volume compared to a flat bag.

  • Anti-counterfeiting Bimetallic Seal

    This bimetallic foil provides security to farmers by proving the originality of the product through modern security elements

  • Pro2Pac 2017

    Pro2Pac is the UK’s one of a food & drink packaging event where packaging suppliers showcase innovative packaging solutions, cutting-edge services, new manufacturing equipment, or sustainable solutions to key decision makers from manufacturing, retail and foodservice. In 2017, this biennial event is scheduled to hold from 19 to 22 March at Excel London, London. The show is Covering the full circle of farm to fork to fertiliser.

    For more detail visit: www.pro2pac.co.uk

  • KOREA PACK 2016

    Korea Pack is an event dedicated to Packaging industry. In 2016, the 6th edition of this event is organized from 26 to 29 April at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center), Korea. The event is organized by Korea Int’l Materials Handling & Logistics Exhibition (KOREA MAT 2016).

    The event will be showcased in association with Int’l Food Manufacturing & Processing Technology Exhibition (KOREA FOODTEC 2016),:The 11th Cosmetic ∙ Pharmaceutical Machinery & Equipment Exhibition (COPHEX 2016), The 8th Korea Int’l Chemical Processing & Equipment Exhibition (KOREA CHEM 2016), The 10th Korea Int’l Laboratory & Analytical Equipment Exhibition (KOREA LAB 2016), The 6th Korea Int’l Pharmaceutical Exhibition (KOREA PHARM 2016), Korea Cosmetic Ingredient & Technology Exhibition (COSMETIC INSIDE KOREA).

    The event will showcase Packaging Machinery , Packaging Automation Machinery , converting Machinery , Packaging Materials & Containers, Package Printing Machines, Packaging Inspection Equipment, Packaging Processing Machinery & Equipment, Package Design, Services, Food Processing Machinery, Logistics System & Equipment etc. The event will showcase Korea Star Awards, PAC 2016 (Packaging Association Conference), Food∙Pharmaceutical∙Cosmetic Plant Manager Discussion Meeting & Exhibitor New Technology Seminar, Symposium, Int’l Forum.

    For more information visit: www.koreapack.org

  • Printing South China 2016

    Printing South China is an event dedicated to Printing, labelling and Packaging industry. In 2016,23rd edition of this event is scheduled to organise from 02 to 04 March at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou. In 2015, this event attracted 869 exhibitors and 68,000 visitors.

    The event will be organised by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. Visitors will be commercial printing companies, packaging industry , paper product and processing factory, paper box manufacturer, hard box manufacturer, advertising agency, printing service company, print industry experts, Multimedia/ Internet Publishing, Government agencies and financial institutes, import and export corporation, industry publications, education/research/consultancy/ trade associations and publications.

    For more information visit: http://bit.ly/1TfxF2z

  • COSME TOKYO 2016

    Cosme Tokyo is an event dedicated to cosmetics industry. in 2016, the event is scheduled to organise form 20 to 22 January at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. The event will showcase manufacturers, covering ingredients, private label/OEM, packaging and all other products/services for Cosmetics R&D and Product Planning. Together with COSME TOKYO 2016, it comprises Japan's one of a LARGEST comprehensive cosmetics show. The 2016 show will attract 700 exhibitors from 45 countries/regions. In field of packaging the event will feature Bottle, Plastic Container, Pouch Container, Metal Container, Tube, Aerosol Can/Container, Lid/Dispenser, Package, Package Printing, Presentation Box, Labelling solution, Special/Value-added Printing, Compact, Brush, Puff/Sponge, Cotton/Sheet etc. the event is organised by Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd.

    For more information visit: http://www.cosmetokyo.jp/en/

  • PharmaTech expo 2016

    PharmaTech expo is an International Exhibition on Pharma, Lab & Packaging Equipments. In 2016, the 4th edition of this event is scheduled to organise from 21 to 23 August at Gujarat University Convention Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This event will held in Concurrent EventPack and PrinTech 2016.This event will held in Concurrent EventPack and PrinTech 2016. This event is organised by Pharma Technology Index.com.

    For more information visit: http://pharmatechexpo.com/Index

  • PPPEXPO Africa 2016

    PPPEXPO Africa is one of a dedicated industry specific international trade show for Plastics, Printing & Packaging Industry in the East African region. The 19th edition of this event is scheduled to organise from 16 to 18 June at The Dome, Nairobi, Kenya.

    This event will attract exhibitors from 30 countries and will provide a platform to forge business alliances, showcase technological and interact directly with the African traders from the East, Central & South African region. This event will attract buyers and decision makers from all the levels and sectors of Plastics, Printing & Packaging Industry and aims to promote direct business link between buyersand sellers.

    For more information visit: http://www.expogr.com/kenyappp/index.php

  • The AmericaPack Summit 2016

    marcus evans is proud to present the AmericaPack Summit, which brings together 60 senior executives from leading Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, and Personal Care manufacturers with ultimate packaging decision making power.

    The primary objective of the AmericaPack Summit is to explore the key aspects and issues related to Industries Packaging best practices and their application as business drivers for innovation and growth. The Summit's program topics have been pinpointed and validated by senior executives within the Packaging community as the top critical issues they face.

    One-on-One Meetings:

    Between session presentations and networking, senior packaging executives and solution providers participate in pre-scheduled mutually selected one-on-one business meetings.

    Over the course of the summit, each senior executive representing their solution provider company is guaranteed a minimum of 10-12 meetings, each strictly timed to 30 minutes.

    Why Attend:

    Through our internationally acclaimed one-to-one meeting methology, the AmericaPack Summit allows you to grow your market, improve sales and win more business.

    •  Shorten your sales cycle by initiating new relationships directly with top decision makers and develop rapport face to face
    • Reduce the cost of new business development and related expenses by meeting these decision makers in one exclusive time and place
    • Accomplish 6-12 months of standard sales efforts in just three days by reaching ultimate budget decision makers

    The Venue:

    The AmericaPack Summit will take place from 22-23 February, 2015 at the Red Rock Resort & Spa, Las Vegas, NV.

    Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa provides the ultimate Las Vegas resort experience. Our resort hotel provides an idyllic getaway just minutes from the world-renowned Las Vegas Strip. Ideally situated near the entrance to Red Rock Canyon National Recreation area, you couldn't ask for a more intimate, yet exciting place to play, both indoors and out.

    For More information on attending or sponsorships please visit our website or contact Ali Tamashiro at alit@marcusevansch.com or 1-312-540-3000 Ext: 6592

  • UPAK Italia 2016

    UPAK Italia is an international Trade Fair for processing, packaging and printing industry. in 2016, 24th edition of this event is scheduled to organise from 26 to 29 January at Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow, Russia. In 2015, this event attracted 250 exhibitors from 21 countries and about 19,000 visitors. This event will showcase Packaging machines and devices, Machines for the production of packaging material, packaging means and auxiliary packaging means, Converting and printing of packaging materials and means, Packaging materials, packaging means and auxiliary packaging means, Machines and equipment for confectionery and bakery, Processing machines, Complementary techniques/technology, Logistics/storage equipment. For more information visit: http://upakovka.messe-duesseldorf.de/

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