• ABC's of Package Tests: Stiffness (Handle-O-Meter)

    The Handle-O-Meter stifness tester has a flat plate to hold the specimen over a slot, a bar which forces the film through the slot and a strain gauge to sense the force exerted against the bar by the film sample. 

  • Flexible packaging for two products

    Two products with spouts in a single pouch is the great innovation patmented by Oleksandr Grytsenko from Ukarine.
  • Freeze Indicator: Temperature Monitoring of Sensitive Substances

    About one in five temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products is damaged due to a broken cold chain while being shipped. Particularly affected are sensitive substances such as biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. Therefore, seamless monitoring that indicates for instance if a pharmaceutical has been exposed to freezing temperatures is imperative.

  • Envio Films

    Coveris introduced its latest packaging solution, envio films, at pack expo. the forming and nonforming films offer cheese producers advantages in ease of use, food safety, cost containment and shelf impact. this film is compatible with hffs machines, with no need for forming or sealing temperatures adjustments or changing sealing pressure and vacuum timing. the caliper control increases machine efficiencies and eliminates baggy edges and tracking problems. the extreme toughness and hermetic seals ensure lockin freshness and protection of the product through the entire distribution chain. they offer excellent oxygen and moisture barrier protection and uniform material distribution in formed pockets leads to minimization of pinholes and blowouts coveris global logistics network ensures that films are available as needed. once products reach the stores, envio films will grant the maximum shelf impact. the film&rsquos 2030 haze reduction 4.5 haze& 86 gloss combined with flexo and hd printing options lets the meat or cheese shine through the pack.

  • Easy open can for Tuna Fish

    The mechanism used for opening cans has replaced the pull-back tab mechanism with a sliding key mechanism which the key can also be used after opening as a fork, useful for ‘on the go’ consumption. The key- is made from injection moulded poly propylene because it is food safe, relatively low cost, recyclable and quite strong. The key is positioned onto the lid after the can is sealed and heated. The rivet- in which the key locks into is rivetted onto the lid part before the outer edge of the lid is rolled onto the can. The lid- is made from stamped aluminium, then its outer edge is rolled around the can to seal. The fault line of the lid is made from a thinner wall thickness, which makes it possible for the lid to open. The can- is made from aluminium, punched out from a large roll, then drawn out to form the can. The can is ideal because it is food safe once coated and sterilised, relatively cheap, strong, lightweight and able to be heated to high temperatures. This Can overcome the problem with the current ordinary packaging used for canned tuna which requires a relatively flat tab to be pulled up to puncture the seal, then the user to insert their finger or a tool into the hole of the tab to pull it back and pull the remainder of the lid off the can. The can and lid also once opened, both pose a safety issue as their edges are also quite sharp, creating a cutting hazard. This new design concept win the Australian Packaging award.

  • Ardagh and Harrogate Water Celebrate Award Winning Bottle Design

    harrogate spring water and ardagh group celebrated a memorable win at the uk packaging awards in london earlier this month. the diamond glass bottle design &ndash described by judges as &lsquoinspirational&rsquo was created at ardagh&rsquos design centre in knottingley and produced in ardagh&rsquos factory in doncaster for yorkshire based harrogate water brands. &ldquowe are very proud of this collaborative effort.

  • Ardaghs Aluminum Design Takes Off In Style

    Lufthansa Germanyrsquos Largest Airline And Warsteiner One Of Germanyrsquos Largest And Privately Owned Breweries Have Had A Close Relationship For Many Years Nbsp2015 Marked Lufthansarsquos 60th Anniversary And So Warsteiner Congratulated Them With A Limited Edition Aluminium Beer Bottle Nbspnbspa Key Decision For Warsteiner Was How To Present Its Limited Edition Product For Such An Important Milestone In The History Of One Of Germanyrsquos Most Iconic Brands So They Turned To One Of Its Most Trusted Packaging Suppliers Ardagh Groupnbspin 2014 Ardagh Developed An Exciting Range Of Aluminiu

  • Ardaghs Aluminum Design Takes Off In Style

    Lufthansa, germany&rsquos largest airline, and warsteiner, one of germany&rsquos largest and privately owned breweries, have had a close relationship for many years.  2015 marked lufthansa&rsquos 60th anniversary and so warsteiner congratulated them with a limited edition aluminium beer bottle.

  • The 4in1 Mega Expo For The Whole Packaging Industry China Sinocorrugated South 2016

    Nbspwhy Visitnbspbullfour Exhibitions In One Venue Ndash See The Whole Packaging Industry Chain Broaden Your Horizons And Learn More About The Packaging Amp Printing Industrynbspbullview The Processing Amp Manufacturing Solution Gallery And Learn About The Products A Fantastic Showcase For Companies Looking To Update And Transformbullexperience A Wide Range Of Options Through The Large Array Of Live Demos Of Packaging And Printing Machines To Help You Make Informed Decisionsbullconnect With New Suppliers To Forge Business Partnerships In The Packaging And Printing Industrybulllearn New Prac

  • The 4in1 Mega Expo For The Whole Packaging Industry China Sinocorrugated South 2016

     Why visit &bullfour exhibitions in one venue &ndash see the whole packaging industry chain. Broaden your horizons and learn more about the packaging & printing industry. &bullview the processing & manufacturing solution gallery and learn about the products.

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