• Tablebox - Convenient Fast Food Packaging

    When seated the v-shape fits between the legs and the lid becomes a tray on the lap which ensures a safe eating experience with no stains on clothes and seat.


    Ideal for kids by activating them, making eating fun and increasing the likeliness of parents being willing to have kids eating in the car.


    Different sizes for different menus and target groups.


    Attractive positioning between the legs in a focused eating situation creates ideal advertisement opportunities with unique interaction possibilities such as ”tear of coupons, QR codes and the like


    Short assemble times and unflding in 2 seconds. The pack is also stackable. This is a patent pending product by the company. 

  • Marico Limited enters the vegetable and fruit hygiene category with Veggie Clean, made with 100% safe ingredients

    Increasingly, both personal and domestic hygiene is becoming priority top priority for consumers. While hand, body, home and kitchen hygiene is in practice and consumption habits are also evolving in tandem with the current situation, ensuring complete sanitation of our fresh produce is still limited to only rinsing them with water. To bridge this gap with an innovative solution, Marico Limited has launched a first-ofits-kind fruit and vegetable cleaner. Veggie Clean will be available across modern and ecommerce channels in two SKUs - 200 ml and 400 ml for INR 149 and INR 289 respectively. The solution does not contain any harmful preservative, is soapfree, chlorine-free and alcohol-free. It can be used to clean all kinds of vegetables and fruits except mushrooms. Veggie Clean is made from ingredients that are derived from natural sources. Simple to use, one is only required to soak and hand rub the fresh produce in a solution made of one capful of Veggie Clean and 2 litres of water followed by rinsing the soaked produce in running water 2-3 times for about 30 seconds. Speaking on the launch, Koshy George, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited said, “We at Marico believe in innovation that makes a real difference and as a responsible organization, we continue to develop disruptive solutions that help address emerging consumer needs. We are witnessing a definite shift in consumer habit and consumption patterns are increasingly being centred on personal and domestic hygiene. Keeping this in mind, we have launched Veggie Clean made with 100% safe ingredients, an industry first innovation which will help consumers sanitize their fruits and vegetables by removing impurities that may be present on the surface. With this launch, we hope to fill an existing gap in the hygiene segment.” With an increased focus on health and hygiene products, Marico Limited has been innovating and intensifying its presence in the category. The company entered the hand hygiene segment with the launch of Mediker Hand Sanitizer in India and hand sanitizer and hand wash in Bangladesh. It aims to continue exploring newer avenues in the health, hygiene and foods sector in other geographies.
  • Syntegon Technology launches Kliklok ACE carton former

    • New 240 cpm former with a small footprint
    • Availability with lock, glue or ultrasonic forming
    • Integrated “Flex Feeder” ensures positive carton control
    • Ergonomic low-level hopper for operator convenience
    • On-board electrics replace control cabinet

    Bristol, UK / Decatur, USA – Syntegon Technology has launched its new Kliklok ACE (Advanced Carton Erector) carton former platform at its virtual show booth. Visitors could join the online reveal of the new machine from the site in Bristol, U.K. The Syntegon virtual show is running until May 13.

  • Global Temporarily Preserved Vegetable Trade - Italy, Japan, and France are the World's Largest Importers

    IndexBox has just published a new report: 'World - Temporarily Preserved Vegetable - Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights'. Here is a summary of the report's key findings. Imports 2007-2018
  • Cadbury replaces logo with Thank You on limited edition Dairy Milk bars

    Mondelez India will launch limited edition of Cadbury Dairy Milk bars by replacing the brand logo with 'Thank You' to highlight the country's spirit and generosity amid the covid-19 crisis. This is the first time since the chocolate bar hit the shelves in India over 70 years ago that Cadbury Dairy Milk has changed its logo. These bespoke chocolate bars aim to express gratitude across the country to everyone who has been tirelessly and generously working during this unprecedented time.

    With the new SEAclic Boxes for fish and other fresh foods, the protective packaging specialist is launching a range of transport solutions with a focus on environmentally conscious and user-friendly design. The transport boxes feature a click mechanism, meaning that no additional strapping is required. This saves resources and eliminates waste.
  • Aptar Launches InvisiShield™ Active Packaging Solution for Pathogen Mitigation

    “We are extremely proud of our technology and the tremendous amount of work that has led to this launch. We have material science expertise that we are applying to food safety solutions at a critical time when consumers are demanding better and healthier food packaging outcomes,” stated John Belfance, President, Aptar CSP Technologies. InvisiShield™ leverages 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology, patented by Aptar CSP Technologies, a division of AptarGroup with more than 20 years of expertise in material science. The 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ technology is currently used by leading global brands with a wide range of products to extend shelf life, maintain freshness, and improve efficacy in industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and food safety. The InvisiShield™ solution is activated within sealed packages to safely and effectively release a specially formulated amount of an anti-pathogenic agent into the fresh cut produce’s packaging environment that is undetectable to the consumer and dissipates from the package within 24-48 hours of activation. This mechanism significantly reduces pathogens that may have been introduced during the supply chain without coming into contact with the product itself. The result is a final intervention step that also reduces cross-contamination within the sealed package. Third-party validated studies demonstrated InvisiShield™ technology to be up to 99.9% effective against the most common food-borne pathogens: Pathogenic E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, Human norovirus, Hepatitis A, Shigella, Campylobacter jejuni, Staphylococcus aureus, Yersinia enterocolitica, Vibrio vulnificus, Geotrichum candidum, Feline calcivirus and Rotavirus. As a food safety assurance device, InvisiShield™ meets a need for heightened defense against food-borne illnesses. The Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) solution offers outbreak mitigation without negatively impacting product organoleptics. In a triangle sensory test conducted at Emory Hospital System, professional chefs evaluated the product and were statistically unable to identify a difference in the color, aroma, flavor or texture of tomatoes packaged in a standard method versus those packaged with InvisiShield™ technology. InvisiShield™ technology can be seamlessly integrated into an existing production line with complete on-site technical support. The technology is available in different packaging configurations insuring flexibility and adaptability to a wide range of packaging and delivery systems. A pilot program is currently underway with Royal Fresh Cuts, which plans to launch its first commercial use of the technology in the second quarter of 2020. “We are excited to partner with Aptar as the first to implement InvisiShield™ technology, which promises to provide increased food safety to our fresh cut produce offerings,” said Kevin Whitehurst, owner of Royal Fresh Cuts. Aptar’s Food Protection division is also working closely with Lipman Family Farms and McEntire Produce, two leading food processors, to bring this technology to the wider food service community. The company is currently focused on launching InvisiShield™ technology for use on tomatoes, onions, peppers, pico de gallo and sliced apples. In addition to these widely-consumed fresh cut items, the company is further developing the technology to release different anti-pathogenic agents to improve the safety of leafy greens and berries. “I am very excited about the potential this technology has to change the way the food industry thinks about food safety,” said Angela Morgan, Ph.D., Director of Business Development and Food Safety Solutions for Aptar Food + Beverage – Food Protection. “We are taking a small, but game changing step in reshaping the food safety paradigm.”
  • Foil packaging is perceived differently again and appreciated again

    The current situation clearly shows how important packaging in general and film packaging in particular are and not only for the protection and transport of the products. Product safety and product hygiene are now more in demand than ever. In the public discussions before the Corona crisis, these arguments no longer played a major role; these facts were shockingly irrelevant. Hardly anyone wanted to hear about ecological advantages over other materials. But it is also a fact that without packaging, 80 million people in Germany cannot be supplied with food safely, reliably and sustainably. Because it is only through packaging that most foods become durable and storable. This applies to the entire production and supply chain, Foil packaging provides hygienic protection and extends the shelf life of food "I very much hope that the current situation in which Germany and the world is located will once again objectify the discussion about film packaging and that facts will be taken into account again," says Jens Kallfass, CEO of Kallfass Verpackungsmaschinen. "The appreciation of packaging and its actual function has risen again significantly since many consumers want to stock up with hygienically packaged and sufficiently durable products," continues Jens Kallfass . Plastics are valuable materials and must be kept in a cycle The ecological advantages of plastic packaging over other materials have recently faded into the background in public discussion. “Plastic packaging was only perceived as waste. This is considered too one-sided. Plastic packaging is a valuable material that has to be kept in a circular economy, ”continues Jens Kallfass. Consumers are asked to keep the various plastics in the cycle by properly feeding them into existing recycling systems. It is important that only as much packaging as necessary and as little as possible is used. This contributes to avoiding food loss and thus to sustainable management.
  • Ideal for hard-bricked foods, easy-to-burn foods, and hard-to-melt foods!

    2.Production time reduction and quality improvement brought by α mechanism Production time is greatly reduced, quality is improved, and yield is improved. It has excellent cost performance compared to conventional machines. Since there is no burning or gully (consolidated product) on the back of the blade, there is no concern that they will be mixed into the product. The non-stick inside of the pot is much easier to clean. The drainage load is also reduced. 3. Jacket structure that matches the dynamic horizontal plane Due to the jacket structure that matches the dynamic horizontal, heat exchange for heating and cooling is performed evenly, preventing burning and finishing into a stable product. Since the heat transfer area is large, the temperature rises quickly, the amount of production per batch is large, and cost performance is excellent. 4. Steam heating Centralized control and maintenance of the heat source can be performed easily, and it is superior to gas heating in safety. It is suitable for high temperature cooking because it can be used up to a maximum steam pressure of 0.294 MPa (high pressure steam is also available). Usage Yellow bean paste, bricks, village rain dough, baked goods bean jam, chestnut bean jam, vegetable bean jam, flower paste, potato paste, potato filling, bread dough for hot water, baking dough for cookies, etc. Specifications Power supply 3-phase 200V Heat source steam Pan 300 ~ 620L * Please contact us for detailed specifications. * Leonider KH (steam heating) , open flame type Leonider KHF (gas heating), low floor type Leonider KH-FT (steam heating) , whole-wash Leonider KHM (steam heating) , vacuum Leonider KHV (steam heating) , economy type Leonider EH type (steam heating) is also available.

    FRUIT LOGISTICA covers every single sector of the fresh produce business and provides a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services at every link in the international supply chain. From 5 to 7 February in Berlin, over 3000 companies will be present. It is a great opportunity to meet us and find the solution to your needs. Italdibipack since 1975, at the worldwide forefront in heat-shrinking packaging, flowpack machines, pallets wrappers and end-of-line packing equipment. Visit us! FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020, Messe Berlin Stand A13 Hall 6.1
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