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As members of the packaging industry, the largest contributor of both plastic generation and plastic waste globally, we must constantly engage ourselves to find alternatives to this very gradual yet potent destruction of the environment.

Packaging connections recently conducted a survey asking members of the industry about various technologies and plausible alternatives and how they believe they could make a change. We also asked them about the extent of implementation on a personal level.  The results were rather intriguing and pushed us to dig deeper.

As a generalization, it would be correct to claim the following:

  • Education on eco-friendly substitutes is rather inadequate and even if there is awareness, it is not beyond surface level.
  • Industry members are unaware of the pros and cons of newer technology. This is primarily because clear longer term impacts of these alternatives, such as bioplastics, have yet not been established.
  • There is still more awareness than implementation of sustainable measures.

After carefully reading through all responses and then researching further, we decided to host a webinar to elucidate some grey areas regarding sustainability in packaging. From unclear terms to the market’s effort to change the norms, we will try and ponder over all the aspects of sustainability that require immediate attention. The webinar is on 5th August 2020. The link is Its a premium webinar and so its a paid one. You will get lots of information to take home in 1 hour.

Packaging Connections believes that to see the change, we must be the change and this is just our first step in the right direction. Constant conversation and genuine efforts are our only hope to turn over a new leaf. We attempt to spark some ideas and further strengthen a collective determination to be more sustainable through the means of an informative session.

The details to sign up are  and we really hope for you to join!  


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