• Packaging in Space: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


     Our upcoming webinar will discuss Food Packaging in Space and will go over: 
    •    The need for advanced packaging design in space
    •    Technology developments over the years
    •    Types of different packaging in use
    •    Differences between NASA’s and Russian packaging
    •    Equipment used for packaging and storage as well as to aid preparation and consumption of meals in space
    •    Packaging limitations
    •    Scope of further research
    Please join us to gather some interesting facts and learn more about food preservation for extended periods of time in microgravity. The link is https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7932958120640231437
    We look forward to your participation!
    Yours sincerely

    Team Packaging Connections

  • HexcelPack Introduces First-Ever 100% Paper-Based Eco-Friendly Pallet Wrapping Material

    Internationally-patented PalletWrap™ is cost-effective, fully recyclable and requires no modification to existing pallet wrapping machinery.

    Bristol, CT – HexcelPack, a developer of eco-friendly, paper-based protective cushioning solutions to replace bubble packaging and other plastic or foam-based materials, has introduced PalletWrap™, an innovative 100% paper-based pallet wrapping material. A cost-effective and sustainable shipping solution, PalletWrap™ is a fully-recyclable, plastic-free alternative to traditional pallet wrapping material.

  • Safe in PET: COVAP’s first complete aseptic PET line from Sidel

    Thanks to Sidel’s end-to-end complete aseptic PET line, UHT liquid dairy products (LDPs) from Spanish milk producer COVAP are now also available in PET bottles for the very first time. This new PET bottle opens the door to meet changing market demand and ensures product integrity and safety.

  • Infectious Substance / Biohazard Packaging


    The transportation & storage of BioHazardous Materials such as medical specimens, medical waste and virulent, infectious substances require the utmost care and security. Because these substances can pose safety and health hazards, any cases used in shipping or transport must meet strict regulations and standards. 

    azardous Materials (HAZMAT) cases & containers are subject to stringent UN and IATA guidelines, especially for air transport. To ensure compliance, it is critical to use only the highest quality certified containers for packaging, storage and transportation of biohazardous materials.

    Cases2Go offers a wide range of aluminum cases which are approved as composite packaging (Code UN 4B, 4BU, 4BV, 4BW, 50B) and are available with UN Certification for the transport of Biohazardous Materials. Our extensive selections of UN4B Aluminum HAZMAT containers are both stackable and palletizable. Durable and sturdy, they are equipped with stainless steel hinges, two lid straps, and a choice of water-resistant, water-tight or water-vapor proof peripheral seal. Cast aluminum stacking corners and beading at the periphery and corners add strength and stability. For security, each aluminum box can be secured with a plug lock, padlock, or lead seals. A heavy-duty ergonomic handle eases the comfort of transport. These cases can be custom-ordered with special features like skid bars and drop handles which ensures that these universal containers will work in any transport or shipping situation.

    UN IATA compliant containers from Cases2Go meet the rigorous 4B performance requirements of the UN Dangerous Goods Regulations, exceed ATA Specification 300 Category 1, are MIL-STD-810D compliant, and have an ingress protection rating of 54 (IP 54). These containers are suitable for thermally controlled transport using dry ice or other coolants. The Class 6.2 infectious substance composite packaging containers are available with or without insulation inserts and secondary inner packaging, ensuring they will be suitable for whatever specific shipping or transport needs you require.

    UN IATA compliant shipping containers

    Cases2Go is prepared to meet the dangerous goods transit requirements of any industry. All of our Biohazardous/HAZMAT cases are UN IATA approved and certified outer containers. We help clients create custom solutions which meet the application requirements for biohazard containment and transport. You can contact us for a quote for dangerous good cases and let our team find and build the perfect custom case to safely transport these hazardous materials.

    Lead time is contingent upon Hazard Class of contents and stock availability at time of order. Cases certified for Packaging Groups II and III are generally available for shipment within 1 week. Packaging Group I certification and/or custom foam interiors may have longer lead times.

  • IIT-Mandi to design packaging for transport of fruits, vegetables


    “IIT-Mandi has given its consent and has submitted a proposal of Rs 18 lakh for carrying out the research for designing the material. The institute has sought a time period of 18 months to finalise the design,” said board’s Managing Director Naresh Thakur.

    The proposal will now come up in the Board of Directors meeting of the marketing board for final approval. “The meeting was scheduled for March 2, but has been postponed for a while,” said Thakur.

    He said the IIT-designed material would be beneficial, particularly for the vegetables transported in sacks over long distances. “Potatoes and peas, for example, are transported in sacks. A part of the produce gets damaged while being transported to markets. The scientifically designed packaging material will minimise the damage,” said Thakur.

    Apple, too, would benefit from the initiative. As it is, the packaging material for the fruit is a matter of intense debate among the growers. While many want to continue with telescopic cartons that can accommodate anywhere between 20 kg and 35 kg, many want a shift to universal cartons that accommodate 20 kg.

    Besides, the marketing board is hopeful of floating the tender for its ambitious Parala project comprising a CA store, processing units etc, by the end of the next month. “We have received most clearances. The only one left is from the pollution board,” said Thakur.

  • Carton Box Shop

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    Carton Boxes and Packaging Materials Supplier in Singapore



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