• Cracker Jack Is Celebrating Women in Sports with New 'Cracker Jill' Packages


    Cracker Jack unveiled a line of limited-edition bags featuring Cracker Jill, a new character meant to celebrate women who break barriers throughout sports. The bags will be available in ballparks across the country on Major League Baseball's Opening Day (April 7). The special snacks will also be available with a $5 donation to the Women's Sport Foundation.

    To honor the new character, the Frito-Lay brand teamed with musician Normani to remix the classic tune, "Take Me Out to The Ballgame," in a way that celebrates inspirational women.

    Cracker Jack's campaign leans into the rising popularity of women's sports and may help to boost the 126-year-old snack's image as a socially conscious brand.

    Normani's rendition of "Take Me Out to The Ballgame" changes the line, "buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks," to "buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jills," and ends with, "it's a new ball game." The song reflects the changing sports landscape and how Cracker Jack is determined to change alongside it. The limited-edition Cracker Jill packaging marks the first time that there has been a variation on the Cracker Jack mascot, according to Tina Mahal, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay North America.

    Women's sports have been steadily growing in popularity in recent years, especially as niche viewing options like ad-supported streaming expand. But despite the increase in popularity, women's sports still face significant barriers, such as a lack of exposure and unequal pay.

    Cracker Jack has long been associated with baseball, first launching in 1896 at Chicago World's Fair. Despite being sold in stores across the country, a large portion of its sales comes from sports venues, solidifying its place as a baseball game staple. Cracker Jack sales have remained relatively stable even as ballpark food moves beyond beer and hot dogs into more adventurous or healthy food.

    "What we started to notice is that in the world of sports, the rules have really started to change," said Mahal. "And so there's this massive transformation taking place. Throughout sports, girls and women are really changing the face of the game." 

    With much of its sales coming from sports venues, the Frito-Lay brand is now hoping to expand its association with baseball. The five new bags — created by Monica Ahanon — for the Cracker Jill effort were designed to reflect the demographics of the U.S., each bag depicting a woman wearing the iconic Cracker Jack sailor uniform, with Bingo the dog at their feet. The move makes the company look aware of the diversity of sports fans, while a $200,000 donation to the Women's Sports Foundation may help to build some goodwill.

    "What we're trying to do with Cracker Jill is is bring to life representation of women across sports. That doesn't link to just baseball. It really is celebrating women that are athletes, executives, women that now have this seat at the table within sports, and that is really what Cracker Jill is is meant to do," said Mahal. 

  • Maybelline New York Unveils Pokémon Pikachu Collection


    Maybelline New York, a L’Oréal brand, has joined forced with The Pokémon Company to launch the Maybelline Pokémon Pikachu collection, a limited-edition collection of Maybelline makeup products with unique Pokémon packaging.
    The collection includes:
    The City Mini Palette Rooftop Bronzes
    Brown Ultra Fluffy Fashion Brow Powder in Pencil
    Super Stay Matte Ink
    Hyper Sharp Liner
    The Maybelline Pokémon Pikachu Collection will be available for pre-order online March 25, 2022, in-store at variety stores March 26, 2022 and sequentially nationwide in Japan April 9, 2022.
    The collection will be available only in Japan and in limited quantities.

  • Fans wear England footballers' faces with Bud Light Boxheads packaging


    Boxheads is a fully integrated campaign spanning TV, out-of-home, digital, social and PR to celebrate the brand’s role as the official beer of the England men’s football team.

    All 12 and 20-bottle packs of Bud Light sold in England will be adorned by the larger-than-life faces of Jordan Pickford, Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier, which can double up as a helmet for fans to proudly display their allegiance having drunk its contents.

    A limited-edition England beer can be adorned by the Three Lions national team motif will complete the packaging tie-in.

    Launched on May 11, the campaign has been created and developed by Wieden & Kennedy London, with Boxheads-branded crates available online and in-store.

    Creative director Paddy Treacy said: “We’re super excited to see what the public makes of it all. Starting a conversation around football. Putting an idea out into the world and seeing what comes back. Drink the beer. Wear the box. Support your team. It’s that easy.”

    Martina Isella, senior brand manager for Bud Light, adds: “Brands often feature the face of their ambassadors on the packaging but Boxheads takes it to another level. There simply isn’t anything like it out there. It’s a revolutionary step forward in beer packaging, and we can’t wait to see football fans across the country wearing Boxheads and supporting The Three Lions in a much more fun and immersive way.”

    To drive engagement still further, Bud Light has authored a new TV commercial that will dovetail with its packaging promotions.

    The launch is further supported by the players themselves in a PR and social media blitz. Social media influencers, players and The Football Association will further amplify this message.

    Kathryn Swarbrick, commercial director at The FA, remarked: “Bud Light has been an official sponsor of the England men’s team since 2018 and we’re delighted to see how Bud Light is bringing fun to Three Lions fans this summer as Officially the Official beer of England. While we may have had to wait a bit longer for this tournament, it’s great to see how Bud Light is using its light-hearted humor to bring football fans closer to the action.”

    In-store activities will communicate the launch to shoppers, joined by an England beer store in partnership with Amazon.

  • LGS’s special packaging for Valentine’s Day



    The seasonal packaging will be available throughout the month of February and ready to stock store shelves the week before Valentine’s Day for interested retailers.

    Now through April, the Darling Clementine line will be supplying W. Murcotts from Morocco. The company shared that the fruit is of excellent quality with ideal brix/acid levels resulting in a sweet tasting fruit.

    “We’re excited for our retail partners to be able to promote this great tasting fruit in the festive pink packaging ahead of Valentine’s Day,” said Luke Sears, president and founder of LGS Specialty Sales. “Morocco’s winter climate is the ideal environment for growing premium W. Murcotts, so this will make for a great item to be put in front of shoppers this time of year.”

    To promote the pink packaging and support the retailers who carry it, LGS is hosting a giveaway on social media throughout the month of February. Those interested can enter to win on the Darling Citrus Instagram account and receive an additional entry if they find the pink packaging in stores to increase foot traffic in participating retailers.