Saffola Honey unveils new packaging on Sundarbans Day

The new campaign aims to generate excitement and anticipation surrounding the new Saffola Honey Active pack, which embodies the brand's promise of natural and unadulterated honey sourced from forests and pristine regions including Sundarbans.Marico Limiteds Saffola Honey is all set to introduce a packaging refresh for its Saffola Honey Active on the occasion of Sundarbans Day, February 14. The bra

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Yaza to launch labneh dairy product in USA in Greiner’s K3 cardboard-plastic cup

The design and shape of Greiner Packagings K3 solution is manufactured to provide functional benefits, ensuring ease of handling and portion control for consumers.Greiner said the cardboard wrap on Greiner Packagings innovative K3 cardboard-plastic combination provides stability, so the cup can be produced with particularly thin walls, and uses less plastic than competitors.It insists the cup and

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Egg box solution delivers time and carbon savings

The business said online ordering of fresh ingredient meal kits has soared over the past few years. One client was said to be dissatisfied with its existing packaging for individual hens eggs. Antalis explained the die-cut box took over 40 seconds to assemble and pack. With over 8,000 eggs per week sometimes being sent, it was both laborious and costly.Antalis solution was a moulded, self-locking,

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Accredo Packaging Sets Ambitious Sustainability Goals for 2025

Accredo Packaging, a leader in its diverse offering of more sustainable packaging solutions, foresees continued development of robust sustainability goals for its North American operations, with key milestones targeted to be achieved by 2025. The company will continue its uniquely innovative approach in its mission to offer more sustainable materials and technologies when compared to conventional

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Schreiner MediPharm Presents New Sustainable Closure Seals

Schreiner MediPharm, a leading expert in pharmaceutical packaging solutions, successfully kicked off the 2024 trade fair year at Pharmapack in Paris from January 24-25. At the international trade fair, the pharmaceutical specialist presented its latest product developments including innovative, sustainable closure seals for pharmaceutical packaging which were showcased for the first time.The new c

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Greiner Packaging provides recyclable pots for Tribe’s Protein Muesli in Tesco

Tribe has launched a new protein muesli instant breakfast oat blend in Tesco, delivered in Greiner Packagings sustainable K3 pot.The attractive designs feature mountain imagery and greenery signifying the healthy option that Tribe is offering.Rob Martineau, Tribe co-founder, said: We were attracted to using Greiner Packagings perfectly recyclable K3 packaging due to its sustainability credentials.

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Customized Packaging Solutions for Oversized Metal Items with Cortec® VpCI® Film

VpCI-126 Film and Bags provide a convenient solution for packaging and safeguarding various metal components. Simply placing small gears or bolts into a VpCI-126 Top-Seal Bag and sealing it can prevent rusting for up to two years. However, when dealing with oversized metal items, such as those taller than a person's head or too wide to wrap around, Cortec VpCI Film offers the flexibility needed to

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Recyclable packaging offers sweet solution for chocolatier

Founded in 1881, the firm has a network of chocolate shops and produces more than 22,900 tonnes of chocolate every year. Chocolates Valor specialises in the manufacture of chocolate bars with high percentages of cocoa, in the production of chocolate with no added sugars, soluble cocoa, and chocolatey snacks among other products.Sonoco said its GREENCAN recyclable paperboard package is made of 92-9

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25th Annual Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2024

2024 will see the return of the Clinical Trial Supply Europe conference to Barcelona where pharma, large and small, alongside biotechs will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and consider new technologies and processes to streamline supply chain operations.2024 will see the return of the Clinical Trial Supply Europe conference to Barcelona where pharma, large and small, alongside biotechs wil

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The post-consumer processing of mono-material packaging differs significantly from that of poly-material packaging, primarily due to its structural simplicity and homogeneity. Following are the key features that make mono-material packaging the design of the future:1. Simplicity in Sorting:Mono-material packaging is made from a single type of material, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene

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