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Milk packaging: Lifting the seal

Today, almost all milk is supplied to the UK retail market in HDPE screw-capped jugs, in combination with induction sealed foil seals; UK producers, retailers and consumers alike can be confident that their dairy product packaging is guaranteed to be leak-free, safe and easy to open.

Reaching this level of market saturation has not, however, been without its challenges. On the one hand, the producer wants a seal that is reliable, tamper-proof and quick to apply on a fast-moving production line, while on the other, the consumer - also seeking a reliable seal that maintains product freshness – is more concerned that the seal can be removed easily from the container.

At Selig, we have been extremely successful in addressing these issues and are now a key supplier to the UK dairy industry. Our innovative, award-winning Lift 'n' Peel™ easy- open induction heat seal liner provides immediate evidence of tampering. The seal’s integral easy open, half-moon pull tab has been designed to be ergonomically easy to grip, while remaining flexible and extremely strong.

While Lift 'n' Peel™ offers important advantages, the process of applying the liner to the container in order to achieve the desired hermetic, tamper-evident, easily removable seal is critical to its success. While no other processing or equipment, other than an induction sealing machine, is required to adhere the induction seal liner, there are several key process conditions that must be met and maintained throughout the filling operation to guarantee successful container sealing on a fast-moving filling line. 

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