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How to Solve Printed Packaging Workflow Issues Without Changing your Whole Process

This informative white paper gives updated information on Printed Workflow Challenges, Pitfalls of Proofreading Manually and various case studies related to work flow issues.

About Global Vision
Global Vision provides automated proofreading solutions that enable
organizations to achieve unprecedented content integrity. Companies
from around the world rely on Global Vision to help them reduce the
risk of textual or artwork errors from occurring throughout their
workflow. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Global Vision has
worldwide representation.
Global Vision led the migration from manual proofreading to
automation – gaining an unmatched reputation for vision and
technology along the way. For over a decade, Global Vision has helped
clients increase inspection accuracy, speed, productivity, and process

For more information visit or contact or 514‐624‐4422 ext. 27.

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