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Tricorbraun Speeds Filling Line For Food Processor

The filling line for savory collection dressings and marinades runs to a faster beat thanks to new banjo bottles sourced by tricorbraun, one of the world&rsquos largest suppliers of jars, bottles and rigid packaging. Private label foods, inc. Had been using a salad dressing bottle with poor weight distribution, a characteristic of oldtechnology manufacturing that resulted in crushed bottles and paneled shoulders.

The consequence was a 25percent filling line deficiency.   For the rochester, n.y. Based company, tricorbraun sourced a more robust container with even wall distribution that was made on stateoftheart equipment.

The new 16ounce, clear pet banjo bottle increased line efficiency and enhanced the company&rsquos profit margin. Once the bottle had been sourced, tricorbraun supplied a polypropylene, continuousthread, 38490 closure that was both two grams lighter and less costly.  Embellishments include a paper label with a shrink neckband.