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Trainees And Students At Optima Group

 Students from the dual university program and trainees offer information and represent optima group in june and july, optima group launched an initiative titled "training and studying a future with good perspectives". And who could give better answers to the questions of a young interested audience than optima&39s own junior staff that&39s right the company&39s students from the dual university program and trainees gladly accepted the challenge.the kickoff event an informative afternoon introduced the dual university program. Dual university programs foster permeability between vocational training and university education because they combine incompany vocational training with university studies. 53 eleventh and twelfth graders from schools in the region around schwaebisch hall had followed the invitation to the company&39s head office on june 8 and 9.

Optima&39s dual program students offered company presentations and guided interested visitors through the manufacturing, assembly, development and training departments, answering nearly all of the guests&39 questions. Their instructors were also on board, giving details about the specific study courses, i.e. Machine engineering and electrical engineering, including requirements and earning opening event in the afternoon of july 15, held for 34 new trainees and their parents, followed a similar schedule during the company tour, optimas trainees guided more than 90 guests though the various departments. Many of the young trainees found this very cool.

They were happy to show the future work environment to their new cotrainees. Company director hans bühler took the opportunity to welcome the newbies and their parents, outline the course of the training, and give a short overview of the work routine at the facilities of the schwaebisch hall packaging machine manufacturer.look to the future now it&39s an important requirement to all companies. Therefore, optima group regularly opens its gates for classes from vocational schools and student groups.

 Each year, up to 15 groups of interested youths have the chance to get live insights into the company and a close encounter with the advanced technologies of the filling and packaging machine sector. The next major event will take place on october 20th and 21st. The networking event "students meet entrepreneurs", hosted by packaging valley germany e.v. Will grant 60 students of technological subjects from all over germany the opportunity to visit many of the regional packaging machine manufacturers.for more information please visit andor the newsroom of optima group