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Sinofoldingcarton 2011 Highlighting Developmental Successes In The Manufacture Of Support Equipment & Consumables

Due to rising labor costs, full automation in carton box manufacturing is a rapidly growing trend. Automating major production equipment, a key goal for manufacturers, is now at a significantly advanced stage.  To better improve efficiency in carton box production, more companies are enhancing the automation elements of their support and postprocessing equipment. New strappers and sprayers, as well as their related equipment and consumables, have emerged in response to the growing demand for greater automation. Using a greater degree of automation to improve the efficiency with which relatively small production functions are performed can be hugely beneficial for manufacturers, even to the extent of boosting profits. An autostrapper is a peripheral piece of equipment that improves efficiency in the postprocess flow.  This machine is truly a &ldquolow investment high benefit&rdquo item.  Its advantages include automatic adjustment of strapping size free adjustment of the lengthtype of sheet stable operation and reduced labor costs.  These advantages have helped the autostrapper become the most popular piece of postpress processing support equipment. Similarly, the emergence of the autosprayer represents something of a revolution in gluing.  Autosprayers, with their flexible and accurate gluing, as well as the guaranteed quality of the products they produce, are gradually replacing traditional gluing solutions. The advancement of other types of boardmaking and platemaking equipment and technologies, like laser cutting machines and laser plate engraving systems, also adds to the improvement and increased automation of carton box manufacturing equipment. Sinofoldingcarton 2011 will be held from july 6 to july 8 at the china international exhibition center in beijing.  As the leading trade event for folding carton equipment, consumables and technologies in china, the exhibition will attract the world&rsquos top makers of support equipment and consumables to evaluate a comprehensive array of folding carton processing solutions.  Visitors will be able to satisfy the full range of their purchasing requirements under one roof. In addition to bringing together manufacturers of essential production equipment, producers of support equipment and consumables senmao, hexin, shengyuan, yongqing, valco, nuoxin and hhs are also set to feature at the show.