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Shanghai Horizons Groundbreaking Solutions For Electronic Supervision Codes

Sinofoldingcarton 2011 will be held at the china international exhibition center from july 6 to july 8 in beijing.   Over 300 exhibitors are expected to display their leading folding carton production equipment, consumables and technologies across an exhibition area of 20,000sqm. This year, for the first time ever, the show will feature a new dedicated segment for electronic supervision codes.  Here, visitors will be able to assess the best machines and technologies for applying electronic supervision codes to of the leading chinese suppliers of solutions for applying electronic supervision codes, maintop technology development, recently confirmed its participation in the exhibition. Folding carton industry professionals keen to learn more about the caliber of maintop&rsquos products can note the company&rsquos glowing testimonial from shanghai horizon printing corporation, one of maintop&rsquos clients.  &ldquomaintop consistently provides outstanding technologies and services&rdquo, says lu rongcheng, marketing manager at shanghai horizon. Shanghai horizon printing corporation was established in january 1999.  In august 2004, it split from its parent company, shanghai qiangsheng group. Following several years of r & d, horizon changed direction and joined the medicine packaging sector. Today, with two production lines, it already has a daily output of one million small boxes. China&rsquos state food & drug administration sfda recently issued new directives on the complete electronic supervision of basic medicines.  In response, many medicine box printers have also shifted their focus to the electronic supervision codes. Shanghai horizon is one such company.  In march 2011, horizon began to work with maintop technology, one of hp&rsquos oem partners.   Maintop now provides horizon with its new printing system for medicine supervision codes. &ldquowe started planning for the introduction of new code generators in early february of 2011,&rdquo says mr. Lu.   Explaining what influence shanghai horizon to opt for maintop technology&rsquos generator, he added &ldquohp&rsquos international reputation, together with its high caliber codegenerating technology, were key factors for us.&rdquo &ldquowhen the equipment was first put into operation, we had a few problems syncing the two platforms,&rdquo mr. Lu said.  &ldquofortunately, we managed to resolved these in just one month by working with maintop.&rdquo according to mr. Lu, both of horizon&rsquos production lines are now operational 24 hours a day and the daily output of supervision codes is approximately 40,000 to 50,000.   Each code produced is of excellent quality. Maintop&rsquos aftersales service impressed mr. Lu and the rest of the horizon team. He revealed that anytime a problem occurred, the maintop technicians were quickly onsite to offer support. &ldquoit&rsquos not just that the maintop staff are efficient,&rdquo continued mr. Lu,  &ldquowe also appreciate the fact that the company&rsquos operation interface is so intuitive and very userfriendly.  Our operators basically mastered the process in a single day.  This was obviously a big part of  improving our overall efficiency.&rdquo in horizon&rsquos workshops, visitors may notice that the temperature is strictly controlled.  This is so no powder granules fall from the paper and block the code generator&rsquos nozzle. When the six nozzles are in simultaneous operation, printing speeds can reach 70 meters per minute, as each nozzle prints 70 to 100 codes a minute. Shanghai horizon has also introduced a new identification system to pick out repeat codes received from maintop in realtime.   The system quickly detects, then deletes these duplicated codes. In delivering his concluding thoughts on shanghai horizon&rsquos collaboration with maintop, mr. Lu, declared himself more than satisfied with the quality of maintop&rsquos code generator.  &ldquothe recognition rate is always at the optimal, or second best, level.  The entire system works quickly, efficiently and stably.  It also supports low cost production, which is perfect for what shanghai horizon needs.&rdquo