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Series 5 Advanced Force Gauges From Idm

Idm instruments pty ltd is proud to be the exclusive australian agent for mark10,  manufactures force gauges, torque gauges, spring, peel, and pull testers, meters, and more.  Features of series 3, series 4 and series 5 force gauges include the followingcapacity range 0.5n to 5,000nsampling rates of 2,000, 3,000 and 7,000 hzdata outputs usb, rs232, mitutoyo, and analog outputmesurtm lite software   mesurtm gauge compatiblelive load bar graph with set point markerspeak readings and set points always displayedprogrammable audible tonestraceable certificationreversable housingthe quality selection of force and torque measurement products available from idm include mark10 force and torque gauges, testers and meters for numerous applications.

  All spring, peel, pull, and force testers and gauges carry the ce addition, custom spring, pull, peel, force, and torque measurement gauges and force and torque meters are available for your specialized requirements.view our comparison chart for full specifications.