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Schreiner Group Strengthens Customer Orientation And Innovation Power

Schreiner group today announced that its current schreiner prosecure business unit will start to operate under a new organizational structure on november 15, 2011. In the future, the existing activities will be pursued in a twopronged approach by the schreiner prosecure competence center and the schreiner printrust business unit. By taking this step, schreiner group is intensifying its efforts to clearly align its business activities in terms of &ldquomarket&rdquo and &ldquotechnology.&rdquo&ldquothis decision was made in line with our aim to sharpen the focus of schreiner group&rsquos activities by creating a clear split between &lsquomarket&rsquo and &lsquotechnology.&rsquo on the one hand we are now able to make schreiner group&rsquos entire portfolio of products and services available to our customers and on the other

we can drive the development of security technologies in an even more concentrated manner than before,&rdquo says roland schreiner, chief operating officer of schreiner group and responsible for sales & a competence center, schreiner prosecure places a crossindustry focus on the development of forwardthinking technologies for counterfeit and tamper protection. &ldquopractically any sector today is exposed to the threat of intellectual property theft and product counterfeiting,&rdquo says günther galfe, president of schreiner printrust and director competence center of schreiner prosecure.the schreiner printrust business unit sells and markets specific solutions for service organizations and companies.

The unit&rsquos activities are centered on customers such as banks, telecommunications companies, publicsector clients and government authorities. The product and solutions consultancy portfolios are focused on access control &ndash by means of windshield vignettes and license plate stickers and passes, for example &ndash contactless payment systems and pin protection solutions.