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Product Reputations May Be Crushed When Its Bottles Become Misshapen

 A brand&rsquos quality reputation can be destroyed on the retail shelf by a bottle that has become deformed. Joseph haun, tricorbraun quality engineer, has prepared a white paper about a condition known as panel sink, which distorts bottles.panel sink occurs when the bottle&rsquos sidewalls are sucked in by an increased pressure differential between the bottle&rsquos contents and the surrounding environment.  The pressure disparity is caused by a reduction in the volume of product in the bottle or a loss of gas andor moisture through the bottle walls. 

 It occurs most frequently on cylindrical bottles.panel sink is a universal concern for bottlers because there are many circumstances that bring about a pressure differential. However, there are also numerous ways to prevent panel sink by varying the bottle&rsquos structure, changing the resin from which it is made or evaluating how the bottle it is treated before it is filled.