Plastiroll Doubles Production Of Biodegradable Film

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 Finnish packaging material producer plastiroll oy believes that biodegradable materials will become increasingly common in the packaging industry. Therefore, plastiroll has invested in a new bio production line that will come on stream this autumn. The new line will double the company&rsquos production capacity and support an increased range of products. Plastiroll has produced biodegradable applications since 1997 and the new investment required the construction an extension to the existing film plant. About 1,400 square metres of new production space was constructed with the total value of the investment amounting to over four million euros. The new plant follows plastiroll&rsquos principle of energy efficiency the heat generated in the production process is recovered and used to heat the whole building. Multiple layer solution creates new opportunities the new products are based on a multiple layer solution in which several biomaterials are combined. Kari laukkanen, plastiroll&rsquos managing director, explains that different layers can be clear, opaque, black, coloured, slippery, sticky, matte, shiny, etc. By combining the right mixtures it is possible to create stronger products with a better tolerance of grease, steam and gases. Kari laukkanen explains, &ldquobefore, we were only able to produce socalled mono films and our ability to influence their barrier properties was rather limited. Thanks to the new production technology, we are now able to provide our clients with more tailored solutions.&rdquo laukkanen mentions completely clear biodegradable film as an example. For the food industry, retail and farming biodegradable materials are best suited to products with a short shelf life, such as bakery and vegetables. Piia heikkinen, plastiroll&rsquos export manager, confirms that demand for new biodegradable materials has been keenest within the food and farming industries. &ldquofor example, we have had a new bread bag under development for years. With the old technology, we couldn&rsquot always meet the high standards of the market. Today, however, the physical properties of our new ecological biomaterials are no different from traditional plastic films,&rdquo she says. 

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Piia Heikkinen
Export Manager
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