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Oystar Wins Red Dot Award

The new hmi control panel from the oystar group has received the internationally acclaimed &ldquored dot award&rdquo.the leading packaging machine manufacturer oystar is one of the winners of this year&rsquos &ldquored dot award communication design&rdquo, one of the most prestigious design competitions worldwide.

The jury of international experts conferred the award for the highquality design of the recently developed user interface for oystar machines.the uniform operating concept and harmonized software design combines the requirements of the various technologies, machine types and monitor sizes. The systematic structuring accommodates the diverse users and their specific tasks while offering numerous possibilities for individualization. The clear arrangement of the interface reduces the time required for learning and facilitates machine handling.the ergonomically designed control unit has been equipped with a modern multitouch system similar to the iphone, handling is carried out intuitively by fingertaps.

The widescreen displays range from ten to twentyone inches in size machine workflows and current messages are systematically displayed and recognized at a glance.&ldquoin developing the new hmi panel the user was placed front and center,&rdquo explains markus ehl, coo at oystar. &ldquothe aim was to design the control unit of a machine that was just as simple and clear as a smartphone or a tablet pc.

The red dot award demonstrates that we succeeded in doing so, and we are certainly very pleased with this result.&rdquofor the red dot award communication design 2011, the jurors evaluated 6,468 works submitted by candidates from forty different countries and awarded the quality seal &ldquored dot&rdquo to the best 608 entries. Through careful selection of its highcaliber jury members &ndash who change from one year to the next &ndash the competition is able to guarantee a high degree of objectivity and reliability. As experts for the diverse areas of communication design, the members of the jury have explicit specialized knowledge and ensure that all categories are critically evaluated and discussed.