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Stutensee March 8 2011 The Leading Packaging Machine Manufacturer Oystar Will Present A Completely Innovation At Interpacknbsp2011nbspndashnbspnamely An Ergonomically Designed Hmi Panel With Futureoriented Technology With Which Every Oystar Machine Will Be Equipped From Now On The Panel Standardizes Operation Of All Of The Companyrsquos Machines Through Uniform Hardware And Software So That Customers Ndash No Matter Which Oystar Machines They Use For Manufacturing Ndash Now Only Have To Adhere To A Single Navigation Concept Handling Of The Panel Is Intuitive And Is Performed Using A Modern Multitouch System On Widescreen Displays 10 To 21 Inches Machine Workflows And Current Messages Are Systematically Displayed And Recognized At One Glance The Standard Hmi Can Also Be Configured With Optional Widgets In Order To Satisfy Individual Customer Requirementsnbspthe New Oystar Panel Is Also Compatible With All Conventional Fixtures This Unique Control Technology Was Developed In Cooperation With All Of The Oystar Subsidiariesnbspthree In One Mixing Granulating And Coating In A Single Machinenbspthe Process Technology Specialists Oystar Huumlttlin And Oystar Manesty Got Together And Came Up With A Completely New And Unique Development The Laboratory Device Ldquosolidlabnbsp1rdquo Combines Three Process Modules Into A Single Machine Ndashpowder Mixing Granulating And Coating Of Pellets And Tablets As A Result Almost The Entire Manufacturing Process For Tablets Can Be Covered With Just One Laboratory Device The Concept Behind Solidlabnbsp1 Is Based On Effective Use Of Periphery Control And Measurement Data Recording Combined With Intelligent Integration Of Highquality Process Modules The Principal Advantage Of This Multifunctional Installation Is Based On Much Lower Investment Costs For Customersnbspthe Module For Powder Mixing Consists Of A Square Container With A Filling Volume Of Two Kilograms Which Is Eccentrically Fixed In An Open Drum With This Mixing Principle High Mixing Qualities Can Be Obtained Even For Small Batches The Fluidized Bed Is Structured Like A Complete Production Plant And Features All Of The Typical Advantages Of Oystar Huumlttlin Plants Even Distribution Of The Supply Air And Toroidal Material Movement Through The Disk Jet Distributing Tray Which With Its Narrow Conical Slots Ensures That The Product Remains In The Product Container During The Process And Forms A Homogeneous Fluid Bed The Fluidized Bed Module Is Available In Two Sizes So That Batches From 005nbspkg To 2nbspkg Are Able To Be Processed The Drum Coater Insert Also Operates Like Its Larger Brothers The Oystar Manesty Xl Coaters In Addition Oystar Manesty And Oystar Huumlttlin Will Present Bdquosolidlab 2ldquo Following The Same Principle Batches From 05 Kg To 12 Kg Can Be Processed Special Value Was Placed On Upward Scalability During Its Development Solidlabnbsp2 Thus Represents The Smallest Element In The Scaleup Chain Before The Oystar Manesty Xlnbsplabnbsp02 Ndash In This Case Batches From 6 Kg To 60nbspkg Can Be Manufactured In Three Different Drum Sizesnbspthe Most Flexible Unicellular Filling And Wrapping Machine For Pasty Productsnbspin Addition To These Joint Developments New Advances From Individual Oystar Brands Will Also Be Presented At Interpack 2011 For Example Oystar Benhil Will Present A Wrapping Machine That Also Joins This Team Of Record Breakers With An Output Of Up To 100 Packages Per Minute And Format Flexibility From 50 To 1000nbspg The New Ldquomultipacknbsp3000rdquo Represents The Worldrsquos Most Flexible Singlecell Filling And Wrapping Machine For Pasty Products It Is Available With A Cip Dosing Device And Satisfies The Highest Hygiene Standards In Addition Multipacknbsp3000 Is Remarkable For Its Precise Filling Accuracy And A High Degree Of Availability Thanks To Its Modular Design It Can Be Set Up And Reequipped In Just A Short Amount Of Time Thus Making It Much More Costeffectivenbspthe Product Is Fed Alternatively By Means Of A Direct Connection To The Upstream Plant With A Corresponding Exchange Of Signals Trough With Separately Driven Feed Worms Or A Product Hopper With Or Without Press Worm For Optimum Package Output A Filling Level Control Device Was Installed On The Dosing Unit As Well As Infinitely Variable Compression Force Adjustment Of The Calibrating Station Subsequent Adjustments To The Different Wrapping Materials And Formats Can Be Easily Performednbsptube Filler And Cartoning Machine For A Wide Variety Of Formatsnbspformat Flexibility Was Also A Crucial Development Criterion In The Case Of The New Tube Filling Machine From Oystar Iwk The New Machine Fills Metal And Plastic Tubes With A Diameter From 10 To 52nbspmm And A Length Of 50 To 250nbspmm The Filling Volume Ranges From 1 To 300nbspml The Tube Filler Is Also Not Wanting In Terms Of Speednbspndashnbspup To 110 Tubes Per Minute Can Be Manufactured Like All Of The Machines From Oystar Iwk This New Tube Filler Ensures Technical Precision Features Modern Control Technologies As Well As A High Level Of Efficiency Ndash As Thus Rounds Off The Range Of Tube Filling Machine Products In Optimum Fashionnbspthe Degree Of Flexibility Of The Machines From Oystar Iwk In The Secondary Sterile Packaging Segment Will Also Be Demonstrated At The Interpack Trade Exhibition With The Ldquoscnbsp4rdquo Cartoning Machine Format Conversion From A Single Dose To A Hospital Pack Is Displayed Several Times A Day Whether It Is A Vial Or Ampoule With An Output Of 400 Packs Per Minute Or The Typical Hospital Pack With 10 Vials Ndash This Operation Can Be Realized On The Scnbsp4 In A Format Changeover Time Of Just Ten Minutes As A Result Users Can Account For Daily Requirements Both Quickly And Economicallynbspstateoftheart Technology At The Us Sitesnbspat The Same Time This Yearrsquos Industry Trade Exhibition Will Be Used For Initial Presentation Of The Ldquolegendnbsp120rdquo Continuously Working Cartoning Machine At The Beginning Of The Development Phase Of This New Machine The Project Team Collected Feedback Both From The Food And Cosmetics Industries As Well As The Electronics And Consumer Industries In Order To Satisfy The Most Diverse Customer Requirements From Pizza Cartons To Handkerchiefsnbspndashnbspthe Ldquolegendnbsp120rdquo Is Able To Economically Process All Manner Of Products While Achieving Speeds Of Up To 120 Cartons Per Minute With A Maximum Size Of 30nbspcm And With An Even And Efficient Carton Supply A Change In Product Can Be Carried Out Within Fifteen Minutesnbspadditionally The Ldquofp 2x8rdquo Cup Filling And Sealing Machine Designed For Use In The Food And Dairy Industries Will Be Shown Built According To 3a Specifications And Fitted With Servo Drives The Machine Can Fill Up To 38400 Cups Per Hour And Convey Them Along Eight Tracks The Ldquofp 2x8rdquo Is Also Equipped With A Servodriven Cip Filler As Well As A Servo Hotsealing Station And A Map System Modified Atmosphere Packagingnbspall Of 12000 Yogurt Cups In 2100 Traysnbspin Addition Oystar Hassia Will Present An Exhibit That Is Relevant For The Dairy Industry The Ldquothmnbsp848rdquo Form Filling And Sealing Machine Ffs Packages Up To 12000 Yogurt Cups Per Hour And Is Equipped With A Multifunction Stamping Machine It Is Adjustable For Both Single And Duo Units As Well As For Quartet Sextet And Octet Units With A Crease Line The Cup Decoration Is Carried Out By Means Of Inline Labeling While The Cover Foil Feed Is Laterally Positioned So That The Roll Change Is Quick And Easynbspthe Yogurt Cups Filled In The Thm 848 Are Transported In One Or More Courses To The Packaging Cell From Oystarnbspaf Via A Conveyor Belt A Twoaxle Robot With Suction Gripper Then Takes The Products And Loads A Respective Set Of 4x6 Cups Into Open Trays The Filled Trays Are Finally Transported From The Packaging Cell By Means Of A Belt Conveyor And Handed Over To A Gravitytype Roller Conveyor With Manual Pickoff Unit Up To 2100 Trays Can Be Furnished Per Hournbspnbspnbspcompact And Universalnbspoystar Ercaformseal Will Likewise Present A Forming Filling And Sealing Machine For The Dairy Industry The Compact Machine Ldquoecoformrdquo Is Particularly Remarkable For Its Simplified Application Detailed Training In Order To Operate The Machine Is Not Required Because With The User Manual Customers Are Able To Learn Its Operation Themselves And Because It Is Designed As A Monoblock Machine Up To 14000 Cups Per Hour Can Be Manufactured In The Smallest Amount Of Space Products Such As Semisolid And Agitated Yogurt Desserts Jelly Or Even Cream Cheese Are Filled On The Machine The Cup Sizes Range From 5nbspmg To 150nbspgnbspanother Exhibit That Will Be Shown At Interpack 2011 Is A Universal Rotary Filling And Sealing Machine From Oystar Hassia India The Ldquoecocup 785rdquo Fills Cups With A Volume Of Up To 500 Ml And Can Be Used For A Wide Variety Of Products Product Changes Can Be Performed Quickly Oystar Hassia India Will Also Be Presenting A New Twin Bagger With Auger Filler The Ldquo180 Trdquo Packs Two Pouches In Parallel On Two Separate Rolls Thus Saving Space And Energy Products In Solid Dosage Forms As Well As Powders And Liquid Products Can Be Filled The Machine Is Available As An Intermittently Operating And As A Continuously Operating Versionnbspabout Oystar Groupnbspoystar Ndash The Process Amp Packaging Group Is One Of The Worldrsquos Leading Suppliers Of Packaging Machinery Technology And Services Oystar Has Extensive Process Knowhow In The Key Industries Of Dairy Products Food And Consumer As Well As Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics Based In Stutensee Near Karlsruhe Germany The Holding Company Currently Represents 13 Manufacturing Companies As Well As Numerous Sales And Service Companies At Present Oystar Holding Employs A Workforce Of Approximately 2100 Worldwide And Generated A Total Of Eurnbsp420nbspmillion In Sales In 2010nbspwwwoystargroupcompress Contactlaura Wilmsmoumlller Prtelnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp 49nbsp0nbsp89nbsp45nbsp20nbsp79nbsp99emailnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Lwmoellerprdeurlnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp Wwwmoellerprde Nbsp

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