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 Sinocorrugated 2011, the worlds largest exhibition for corrugated packaging manufacturers, will be held at the shanghai new international expo center from april 6 to april 9, 2011. The exhibition will be a showcase of the full global might of the packaging and printing industry.  It will integrate advanced technologies and new development concepts, while effectively promoting exchange, communication and sustainable development within the corrugated cardboard manufacturing industry.  With an exhibition area of 50,000 sqm, sinocorrugated 2011 will host 550 exhibitors. In addition to the top international suppliers, there will also be numerous domestic carton equipment and consumables suppliers showing hightech, cost efficient production technologies. The exhibits at the show will include cardboard and carton processing equipment, spare parts, all grades of carton processing industrial paper, related consumables, software, services and plant supporting equipment all covering the whole carton production chain.  Additionally there will be a comprehensive range of carton production equipment and consumables.  Visitors are in for an insightful experience via this effective platform for global trade.   Corrugated board production lines set to be popular draw in recent years, the development of chinas corrugated box industry has been remarkable.  Not only has the output of corrugated board reached record levels, but technological standards in the industry have also continuously improved, with an increasing number of chinese carton factories turning to cuttingedge technologies. Key factors that chinese carton factories look for when purchasing corrugated packaging production lines are highspeed, wide width and high performance, as well as the inclusion of the latest technological advances in the key components of corrugated packaging production lines and their key supporting equipment.   Several wellknown local and overseas corrugated board production line manufacturers, including bhs, marquipwardunited, fosber, bp agnati, taiwan hsieh hsu, taiwan ming wei, taiwan k&h, taoyuan hsieh hsu, taiwan yueli, taiwan shang lung, taiwan champion, hong kong tak sang, long river, hubei jingshan and guangdong wanlian will exhibit at sinocorrugated 2011.  They will show new and upgraded equipment and the latest technologies for the corrugated board production line. Automatic diecutting machine manufacturers to exhibit at sinocorrugated 2011 with the increasing demand for greater precision in the formation of cartons and for specialshaped cartons in the carton packaging market, diecutting equipment has gained in popularity. The world&rsquos leading automatic diecutting machine manufacturers will exhibit at the show.   Bobst, lisheng machinery, shanghai eterna, qingdao meiguang and foshan nantai will display new equipment and production technologies to help companies improve carton forming precision and meet the growing demand for specialshaped cartons.   Printing slotting machines become key focus the printing slotting machine has printing, slotting, corner cutting, creasing and trimming functions.  It is a required piece of equipment for carton manufacturers. When purchasing equipment, manufacturers usually make their selection according to their size, financial strength and the type of product. Most customers for large carton manufacturers are wellknown domestic manufacturers who need highgrade cardboard in large quantities and have multiple specifications. They therefore require highspeed, high precision automatic flexo printing slotting machines to achieve accurate chromatography, bright color and beautiful creasing. Relatively small carton manufacturers, who only have a single product, small volume and lower print quality requirements for one or two colors, typically use middle and low waterbased printing slotting machines.   In recent years, domestic packaging machinery manufacturers have been striving to improve the technical content of their machines and integrate advanced foreign technologies.  From this endeavor has come the highgrade, highspeed, high precision automatic flexo printing slotting machine. At sinocorrugated 2011, bobst, emba, taiwan latitude, nanhai dongfang, shanghai dinglong, keshenglong, foshan nantai and panyu caiyi have each reserved a large exhibition area to show their various options for carton manufacturers and satisfy visitors&rsquo of all requirements and budgets.   Automatic stitchers and gluers onsite following chinas rapid development of the packaging and printing industries, automatic stitchers and gluers are playing an ever increasing role in the face of a gradual rise in labor costs. These machines now occupy a leading position in the market. At sinocorrugated 2011, boix, serra, insun, tangcheng machinery, godswill paper machinery, shanghai eterna, shenyang jinchuan, shanghai jiayi and shanghai hongjing will show their new energysaving products to promote efficient and environment friendly production options for carton manufacturers.   Ink paper small consumables hold great importance pacific ink, sky dragon printing ink, yingke printing ink, mingfeng printing ink, wuhan weishi printing material, jiangsu chamfor, shandong renfeng and changle century will display nearly a thousand kinds of high quality products and costeffective support services. Sinocorrugated 2011, a dynamic convergence of new products, advanced technologies and fresh service solutions, will shine a bright spotlight on the rapid changes in today&rsquos corrugated packaging industry.

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