Overseas Associations Commit To Promoting Sinocorrugated 2011

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 Sinocorrugated is a leading international exhibition that showcases the newest corrugated carton equipment, consumables and technology.  The event is highly rated, in china and abroad, due to its scale, industry influence, quality of exhibitors and level of service it provides. As its reputation continues to grow, sinocorrugated is attracting a higher number of foreign buyers and gaining attention from wellknown international trade associations, all of whom have been highly complimentary about the sinocorrugated events they have visited.   Vijay kumar chopra, secretary general of the north india printers&rsquo association, said that many corrugated and folding carton manufacturers in india&rsquos northern cities go to china to investigate and purchase carton packaging related equipment and consumables.  These manufacturers are optimistic about the development potential of china&39s carton market. Mr. Chopra also confirmed that the north india printers association is going to promote sinocorrugated through various channels such as its internal publications, enewsletters and websites.  The promotion will see the association send invitations to carton manufacturers in 26 indian cities, inviting them to participate in sinocorrugated 2011.  It is the association&rsquos intent to organize a large visiting delegation for the exhibition. The  north india printers&rsquo association has already participated in several sinocorrugated exhibitions. This support has been critical in popularizing sinocorrugated in the indian market. Sinocorrugated 2011, to be held at the shanghai new international expo center from april 6 to april 9, is supported by many authoritative international trade organizations. The event enjoys widespread support from international corrugated associations like the asian corrugated carton association, the malaysian corrugated carton manufacturers&rsquo association, the indian corrugated carton manufacturers&rsquo federation, the vietnam packaging association, the indonesian corrugated board industrial association, the singapore corrugated carton manufacturers&rsquo association, etc. These esteemed trade bodies will share exhibition information with their members through websites, executive sessions and magazines.  In so doing, they will attract visitors from their local regions to participate in the show.  The large delegations sent by these associations will wield considerable purchasing power at sinocorrugated 2011.

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