One Size Hmi Fits All

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Oystar Group

 The leading packaging machine manufacturer oystar presents a completely innovation an ergonomically designed hmi panel with futureoriented technology with which every oystar machine will be equipped from now on. The panel standardizes operation of all of the company&rsquos machines through uniform hardware and software so that customers &ndash no matter which oystar machines they use for manufacturing &ndash now only have to adhere to a single navigation concept. In addition, the hmi is compatible with all conventional fixtures. Handling of the oystar panel is intuitive &ndash similar to the iphone &ndash and is carried out using a modern multitouch system, so that machine operation for customers is greatly simplified. The widescreen displays range from ten to twentyone inches in size machine workflows and current messages are systematically displayed and recognized at one glance. &ldquothis was a central aspect in the development of the new hmi,&rdquo explains coo markus ehl at oystar. &ldquoall of the information required by the user is displayed &ndash without losing sight of the overall picture.&rdquo in order to account for individual customer requirements, the standard hmi can be configured with optional widgets andor mini apps. Focus on customer requirements in developing the hmi, customer requirements were placed at a central focus. Thus the project team collected information internally from various oystar business locations about the features of existing panels that provided for customer satisfaction as well as the extent to which there was room for improvement. Personal visits were made to different customers in order to analyze their individual user behavior and to thus obtain further suggestions for optimization. &ldquoon this basis we were ultimately able to develop the concept for a new standardized hmi that satisfies virtually every end user requirement,&rdquo recapitulates ehl. Together with software development experts for head units and control systems and two industry designers it was then time to implement the project. &ldquothanks to outstanding cooperation on the part of the individual oystar subsidiaries and external experts we can now present our new hmi already at interpack 2011 in düsseldorf,&rdquo comments ehl. &ldquothis joint development is certainly one of our trade exhibition highlights this year&rdquo

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Laura Wilms
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