Neopac Wins Three Prestigious Healthcare Sector Packaging Awards

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Neopac Wins Three Prestigious
 Healthcare Sector Packaging Awards
Wilson, North Carolina, USA – Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for a broad array of industries and applications, recently received three high-profile awards for tube solutions in the healthcare sector. 
Each of the tube solutions utilizes Neopac’s high-barrier Polyfoil® technology, a proprietary blend of materials providing advanced barrier properties for products requiring ample protection against potentially harmful external factors, including moisture and oxygen. Products housed in Polyfoil® tubes can enjoy longer shelf life compared to those stored in conventional polyethylene or polypropylene tubes.
First, Neopac received a 2019 World Star award for its Voltaren “No Mess” Tube and Applicator. In conjunction with GlaxoSmithKline and Nypro, Neopac developed the innovative solution to offer users a cleaner, more hygienic method of applying pain relief medicine. Notably, the intuitive pull/push mechanism of the “No Mess” tube allows the massage tip to close by itself after the application of gel to skin. With an emphasis on hygienic application, the unique tube design minimizes gel residue after administration.
Another innovative feature of the “No Mess” solution is the thin-walled tube’s handle, which facilitates ease of use by assisting consumers in reaching their backs and shoulders more easily. Safety also is emphasized, as Neopac’s tamper-evident TopStar™ closure on the tube head guarantees first-opening indication. The “No Mess” tube had already won several awards in 2018, including the Dow Packaging Award, ETMA Tube of the Year, and Pharmapack Award 2018. 
Innovation Award for Preservative-free Eyedrop Tube+Applicator Combo
In addition, Neopac’s SteriDrop™ tube received an Innovation Award from Pharma Manufacturing, a prominent US trade publication. Combined with an ophthalmic squeeze dispenser from partner Aptar Pharma, the packaging concept protects preservative-free eyedrops from microbiological contamination before, during and after initial consumer use. SteriDrop™ can contain volumes up to 30ml, which can easily cover a three months’ supply of daily eye treatment. The system comes with a wide selection of caps and flow rates customized per specific drop formulation.
The SteriDrop™ tube works as follows: The mechanical system releases a precisely measured drop when pressure is exerted on the tube, and prevents the liquid from flowing back into the tube – thereby guaranteeing a level of microbiological safety previously unattainable. As a result, the product remains sterile over the entire period of application even without preservatives. Meanwhile, the Polyfoil® tube’s exemplary barrier properties protect the product from light, air, water vapor diffusion and migration, further lending to critical content efficacy and overall product durability.  
German Packaging Award for athlete’s foot cream from Bayer
Neopac also received a German Packaging Award from the esteemed Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut for Canesten, a cream for treating athlete's foot from Bayer Consumer Health. Here, Neopac’s Polyfoil® tube features a special applicator comprised of soft TPE material, allowing patients to apply the cream hands-free – an important benefit as athlete’s foot is a highly contagious fungal infection. 
Bayer's requirement was to develop an applicator geometry that would allow effortless treatment of skin areas between the toes. To achieve this, the material of the applicator needed to be flexible and compatible with the filling material. Neopac incorporated a rotating ring on the applicator to prevent leakage and protect the product. On/Off marking indicates whether the applicator is open or closed and, thanks to a novel ribbing effect, operation of the rotating ring is convenient for all age groups. The Polyfoil® laminate protects the product against light, air and water vapor diffusion and migration.
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About Hoffmann Neopac
Hoffmann Neopac is a privately-owned company, headquartered in Thun, Switzerland. The group produces high-quality metal and plastic packaging in six locations: HOFFMANN tins in Thun and CMP tins in Holland; Polyfoil® and plastic tubes with NEOPAC in Switzerland, Hungary and the US; and 3D Neopac in India. Its longstanding customers include internationally active pharmaceutical, cosmetics and consumer goods manufacturers in the European, North American and Asian markets. 
Including its new production facility in the United States, Neopac employs around 1,250 employees and has a capacity of 1.3 billion tubes. The company is dedicated to sustainability in both its manufacturing processes and corporate culture, including a dedicated eco-conscious packaging portfolio. 
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