Nantai Precise Machinerys New Models Of Die Cutters To Draw Widespread Attention At Sinocorrugated 2011

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At sinocorrugated 2010, the ap1600mii auto flatbed die cutter from nantai precise machinery & tech. Inc. Foshan, was a big hit among visitors. The machine consists of a stripping unit, a die cutting unit, a die cutting plate standdie cutting faceplate, a feeding unit and a stacking unit. It is easy to operate, performs precise die cutting, even creasing and offers 100 stripping. Stripping unit the male die is directly inserted from outside and automatically locked up through a quick, motordrive installation device driven. The female die is directly inserted from outside and is locked up through the handle. Both male and female dies are directly inserted from the outside, which not only saves time but also ensures safety. Die cutting unitits stable performance guarantees the high precision of die cutting. Its toughness and the driving device that effects high speed operation guarantees the smooth running of the paper feeding cross rod. Die cutting plate standdie cutting face plate this uses a rigid die cutting plate stand that can install the die cutting plate easily and quickly. The high quality and durable die cutting face plate can be used together with a stainless steel plate. Feeding unit this uses a downdraft feeding system. The suction roller and feeder roller guarantee accurate feeding of curling board. Stacking unit products that are stripped thoroughly are stacked in accordance with a set number of pieces, which, in turn, are automatically discharged. The exhibition of these machines at sinocorrugated 2010 produced great results and drew positive reviews from customers. Recently, in line with market requirements, nantai precise machinery has devoted itself to the research, development and manufacture of two new models of die cutter. Ap1700 auto flatbed die cutter this machine is equipped with the latest feeder and a powerful pull guide. With its special toothed nail bar, it can process boards of each type, height, thickness, curling board and even corrugated board with color mount. The paperboard thickness scope ranges from 1.5mm9mm. With high frequency and high precision, its operation speed reaches 5800 pieceshour and the maximum die cutting size can go up to 1280mm×1700mm. The nt1225 allway vacuum suction printer slotter with die cutting is equipped with a lead edge feeder from us sun, allway vacuum suction delivery, and twoblade ink supply. In coordination with the anilox roller of high line number 300 lines600 lines, it can realize screen printing of high line number and solid printing of large area. It is equipped with an inksaving system, which can save 0.4kg0.5kg ink every unit when changing ink color or cleaning. Nantai precise machinery has exhibited at reed exhibitions&rsquo sinocorrugated event several times, showcasing its corrugated box machines which feature high quality, stable performance, and novel design to local and international visitors. From april 6 to april 9, 2011, sinocorrugated 2011 will take place at the shanghai new international expo center. New equipment from nantai precise machinery will be on show for customers old and new.

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