Loeschpack Will Be Presenting Innovative Packaging Machines And System Solutions For Confectionery At Interpack 2011, Dsseldorf

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Overview1.      Summary of the pr content2.      The loeschpack company3.      Detailed description of the exhibits4.      Special subject &ldquosustainability&rdquo5.      Captionsreply enclosing photographs<p> 1.         Summary of pr &ldquoloeschpack at interpack 2011&rdquo loeschpack is a leading international company in the development, manufacture, and full service of packaging machinery and complete packaging systems for confectionary, in particular chewing gum, chocolate, and longlife bakery goods.flexibility, innovation, a global presence and close cooperation with confectionary producers around the world are key factors for our and our partners&rsquo success. Loeschpack is part of the familyrun piepenbrock group, ensuring the company a solid basis for longterm, sustainable development as well as its own objective of maintaining particularly close contact with its customers. The confectionary markets it supplies are characterised by high levels of innovation and diversification in product and packaging development. Sustainable packaging technology for confectionary means preserving resources, reducing consumption of packaging material, optimizing the use of energy and minimizing space requirements. These constantly growing challenges determine loeschpack&rsquos position in the market. Loeschpack defines itself as a specialist and special machine construction company with a high level of technical expertise, optimum quality of workmanship, innovative packaging concepts and top level performance. As a quality and innovation leader, loeschpack responds to the challenges of the market with ambitious packaging concepts from the promise of &ldquopackaging your ideas&rdquo arise novel concepts for the packaging of confectionary, chewing gum, chocolate, and longlife bakery goods which meet all conceivable requirements. Competent advice teams consisting of experts from all areas are presenting concepts and newlydeveloped exhibits on stand a41 in hall 15. On display will be newlydeveloped packaging machines and unique packaging concepts which translate customer requirements into reality and offer genuine added value new rapid gum &ndash nextgeneration high performance chewing gum packaging machinesthe heart of ultramodern packaging systems, the newlydeveloped gw05 high performance fold wrapping machine for chewing gum sticks will be exhibited. A wideranging presentation with a multitude of innovative packaging variations will be shown in the &ldquogum information center&rdquo gic.the interface between processing and packaging will be explored together with a partner company.       New lrm duo twin station fold wrapping machine for chewing gum and chocolate multipacksmultistage packaging processes save space and increase overall efficiency. Target applications of the completely new lrmduo twostage fold wrapping machine are smaller multipacks with processing in the high performance range.chewing gum sticks and tabs, chocolate napolitains and bars are first packed in diverse cardboard box multipacks and then wrapped in tightly sealed cellophane. New lrm2gs double track high performance fold wrapping machine for chocolate napolitains and barsthis new machine will be shown in combination with the lrmduo. High performance in packaging chocolate bars and napolitains is the basic idea behind this machine.the double track lrm2gs variant crowns the performance of the successful lrm series it completes. New roll invent &ndash the reinvention of roll wrappinga new generation in the roll wrapping of round pieces of chocolate and tabletshaped products will be presented a completely new type of modular system consisting of productspecific loading mechanisms and the core rpms machine designed for a range of pack styles. Tightly sealed roll packs, twice the performance, new and gentle product handling &ndash a true innovation. New ltmduo &ldquo4g&rdquo fold wrapping machine &ndash fourth generationloeschpack wants to make the best even better the successful machine design for twostage packing of chocolate bars meets the current requirements of the market with many innovative optimisations.in particular, the rising demands for optimum hygiene and sustainability, simplest operation and format changeover, high flexibility, high output and oee overall equipment efficiency, and a compact, spacesaving machine design have been implemented. Lrk modular high performance robotic cartoning systemfor comprehensive packing solutions from a single source, confectionary display cartons are the central theme of the lrk highperformance robotic cartoning machine exhibit.  Using top loading, products which both can and cannot be compressed e.g. Tubular bags can be further packed in the desired grouping. 2.         The loeschpack company  the confectionary industry is one of the fastestgrowing food sectors &ndash many new packaging ideas are implemented with innovative technical concepts. Demanding tasks require the use of ever more qualified knowhow, perfect quality, and appropriate capacities. Loesch rises to this challenge as a leader in quality and innovation, implementing innovative concepts to meet these requirements. We take our inspiration from our motto &ldquopackaging your ideas&rdquo and develop comprehensive benefits for our customers. In real terms, loeschpack develops several completely new machines every year which are used to implement the ideas of our customers. This high rate of innovation is translated into practice with the required capacities in innovation teams consisting of product management, development, construction, project management, assembly, and sales. The production of every single machine requires leadership in technology and innovation so that our customers obtain the best solution for the task at hand. Quality controls on all materials and functions of the completed machines ensure top quality, as do demanding, multiple testing and acceptance procedures. At the altendorf site in upper franconia, highly qualified and committed employees deploy their expertise to produce premium technical packaging solutions. The target groups for loeschpack&rsquos product program are the manufacturers of chewing gum strips, tab gum, sticks, pellets, chocolate tablets, bars, small articles, assortments, pralines, and dry baked goods biscuits, waffles, cookies, crackers, both food and nonfood. These include small to mediumsized companies for whom a comprehensive range of startup solutions, semiautomatic or straight automatic solutions exist, as well as large multinationals with demanding requirements for complex tasks and solutions. Complete packaging lines from interface production, with product distribution systems, temporary storage, primary packaging, secondary packaging as well as the integration of the final packaging if required. Product program          feeding, sorting and buffering systems          fold wrapping machines for chocolate bars and tablets          fold wrapping machines for chewing gum          fold wrapping machines for waffles          wrapping machines for roll and stick goods confectionery          fold wrapping machines for cellophaning secondarymultipacks          pick and place robot systems          tray loader systems for dry baked goods          display cartoning machines          complete packaging lines          special machines and special lines          3.         Detailed description of the exhibits  3.1             new rapid gum &ndash the gw05 nextgeneration high performance chewing gum packaging machine the market for chewing gum products is characterised by very high levels of innovation in product and packaging design. The key demands of the international production market can be summed up as optimum product protection and sophisticated presentation. The market for chewing gum sticks, in particular, is experiencing a boom on the strength of modern carton packs. Time for a new and innovative generation of modern high performance machines for stick packaging to ensure economic, efficient, and hygienic packing of the required production volumes. At high speeds, the integration of the interfaces to the upstream and downstream process and packing stages is crucial.  Gum information center gic loeschpack will be presenting a wideranging display on all aspects of the subject of chewing gum at interpack 2011.the topics listed below will be explored with reference to the gw05 exhibit, complemented by technical animations, videos, and a wide range of fascinating product samples. &bull automation solutions for feeding chewing gum slabs into high performance packing machines&bull inline production cut wrap with new conceptual approaches the close linking of processing and packing is supported by collaboration with a partner company&bull the new gw05 high performance machine as the heart of modern chewing packaging lines the machine can be equipped with a range of addon modules for different tasks&bull innovative chewing gum packaging via production line concepts with components for wrapping, boxing and sealing multipacks in cellophane  gw05 &ndash newly developed high performance fold wrapping machine for chewing gum sticks. For the first time at interpack 2011, a fold wrapping machine for chewing gum sticks which operates at maximum speed of 3,000 sticks per minute will be shown, the gw05. Thus begins a new era of technology for packing sticks. In order to achieve this, a new machine concept on the basis of the gw04 high performance machine was developed and enhanced with new components.    The basic prerequisite for maximum performance is a continuously operating machine. The version for processing chewing gum slabs features zeroaccumulation feeding with a special servodriven double feeder transport. Cutting of the individual sticks then takes place via a newly developed separating device. Wrapping material infeed, stick conveyance and the wrapping drum are based on the principle of the gw04 &ndash but with many improvements. Particular account was taken of the aspects of hygiene, ergonomics and maintenance. As a result, the gw05 is the heart of high performance packing systems. Configurable with a series of addon modules for processing chewing gum slabs, inline production, and for different types of further packaging. In combination, for example, with the lrmduo and, where required, a downstream wkm cartoning machine, it forms a complete packaging line with top performance and efficiency.  3.2             new lrm duo twin station fold wrapping machine for chewing gum and chocolate multipacks packing prepacked chewing gum sticks, tabgum or small chocolate articles such as napolitains or bars in cardboard box multipacks is the subject of the newly developed lrmduo twin station high performance fold wrapping machine. The target applications of the new lrmduo machine platform therefore lie in the smaller size ranges with regard to multipacks. The triggers for the development of this highly flexibleuse machine are the requirements involved in compact modular construction, high hygiene standards, top performance, and multistage packaging. The lrmduo machine platform is designed in such a way that it can be fitted with applicationspecific feeder and grouping modules of many different types.at the first station, the content is packed in a carton using the wraparound method. A wide range of pack styles can be implemented here. The outer wrap is then applied with conventional film at the second station.a version with hermetic sealing is available. In addition to the existing main fold wrapping machines for both chocolate and chewing gum, loeschpack offers matching supplementary equipment at high speeds of up to 250 packsmin for subsequent boxing and cellophaning with this product development. For example, in combination with the gw05 for chewing gum sticks, the gw04 for tabgum, or the lrm series for small chocolate articles.   At interpack, the lrmduo will be on display together with the upstream lrm2g fold wrapping machine for small prepacked 6.5 g napolitains. The pack formation consists of 2 x 4 8 napolitains per carton multipack. A complex feeder system enables grouping and stacking of the napolitains, which are collected on a ushaped carton in the form of a boat and transported to the first station. A carton band wrap is applied to the boat, and the complete carton pack is vacuumpacked in cellophane full wrap at the second station.  3.3      newlrm2gs double track high performance fold wrapping machine for chocolate napolitains and bars high performance is also frequently required for the wide range of smaller chocolate articles such as bars, mini bars, and napolitains to ensure efficient production and sale. For the first time at interpack, loeschpack is presenting a double track high performance fold wrapping machine, the lrm2gs. Processing up to 1,000 packsmin, the new machine crowns the performance of the successful lrm series it completes. Articles can be packed in envelope, cube or brush fold wraps. A seal on the underside can be glued or sealed, and a very wide range of wrapping materials from the reel can be processed.the latest design in terms of hygiene and ergonomics goes without saying. Equipment features such as zeroaccumulation product conveyance, servodriven packing material feeder, automatic roll changes and more are implemented. The machine shown packs poured chocolate napolitains in a range of variants with nut fragments or solid. The articles are packed in full wrap as an envelope wrap with an adhesive seal on the underside. The packaging material is printed in sections. The lrm2gs is shown together with the lrmduo, although this machine combination is just part of a full system. The latter consists of the following components &bull automatic product infeed with 2axis robots&bull intermediate store for the separation of processing and packing&bull 2 lrm high performance coiling machines&bull lrmduo twin station fold wrapping machine for multipacks this configuration provides an impressive demonstration of loeschpack&rsquos line competence.   3.4       new roll invent &ndash the reinvention of roll wrapping with rpms loeschpack is presenting a new generation in the roll wrapping of round pieces of chocolate and tabletshaped products at interpack 2011. This is a completely new, modular, and ultramodern roll packing system with productspecific feeding systems and the rpms core machine. Tightly sealed roll packs, twice the performance, new and gentle product handling &ndash a true innovation. For round pieces of chocolate, up to 300 rolls per minute can be processed, for tabletshaped sweets up to 400 rollsmin. Productspecific feeder systems optimised product feeder systems are developed for every product. With round chocolate products, handling of the chocolate as bulk material very often causes product damage or marking. The picking of articles by robot directly from the belt or from plates and placement on the feeder transport enables extremely gentle product handling. The overall concept results in the consistent reduction of touch points productmachine and the advantages this brings. In addition, the articles are ordered and positioned in the same direction with this method. The position in a uniform direction gives a highquality appearance. There is no variation in the length of packs, the lateral folds are particularly tight and attractive. For hard compressed tablets or sugarcoated products, a feed hopper, a vibratory feeder, or a belt system with feeder channels are used. Rpms high performance roll wrapping machine the rpms is particularly wellsuited to wrapping rolled products in one or two packaging materials in a single operation.all the required folds are carried out on a wrapping head.depending on the equipment, different types of fold wraps can be implemented. These include the traditional covering fold with five end folds as well as a hermeticallysealed pack with fin seals. Glue heat and cold sealing systems are used to seal the longitudinal seam. The rpms core machine will be on display at interpack. The design takes account of the special requirements in packing pieces of chocolate.the product infeed is designed as a bar conveyor with two servo drives, representing an optimum equipment setup for feeding with the use of robots.the packing is carried out using cold sealable packing material with fin seals and is thus hermetically sealed.  3.5      new ltmduo fold wrapping machine for chocolate bars &ndash fourth generation loeschpack wants to make the best even better the successful machine design for twostage packing of chocolate bars meets the current requirements of the market with many innovative optimisations.in particular, the rising demands for optimum hygiene and sustainability, simplest operation and format changeover, high flexibility, high output and oee overall equipment efficiency, and a compact, spacesaving machine design have been implemented. With consistent improvements, performance was increased to 200 barsmin.in addition to many improvements to details, the following machine components are particular worthy of mention &bull zeroaccumulation bar feeding with the use of smart infeed belts&bull optimised packaging material infeed &ndash servodriven&bull gentle bar transport between 1st and 2nd station with servodriven driver transport&bull refined cartonpaper module with improved blank removal from the magazine the exhibit packs 100 g flat bars in a vacuumpacked, sealed inner wrap made of aluminium foil from the reel. The outer wrap is formed from a carton processed as a flat blank. The carton folding is traditional with tuckin flaps, and the seal is closed with hotsetting glue. The refined ltmduo machine thus sets new standards for packing chocolate bars.  3.6      modular highperformance lrk robot display cartoning machine with twoaxis lr2d500 robot  the flexible and precise highperformance placement of prepacked products in folded display boxes is an issue for many companies in the confectionary, food, pharmaceutical, and nonfood industries. Examples of products to be packed include tubular bags, barshaped products, roll or stock wrapped goods, and flat packages &ndash flexibly, quickly, efficiently, and affordably. For the first time at interpack, the particularly flexible, modular, and powerful lrk display cartoning system will be on display. Special advantages &bull powerful, modular complete system for displaying cartoning&bull compact construction with integrated &ldquoallinone&rdquo design&bull high availability and reliability, especially for line operation&bull flexible, quickly adjustable assembly and insert area for  other package contents, product dimensions, or carton sizes&bull compact carton designs, excellent pack quality&bull only immaculate packs are processed for further packing&bull use of flat carton blanks for inexpensive cartoning&bull high hygiene standard&bull quick cleaning and maintenance with optimum accessibility from all sides a wide range of system modules which can optionally be used are all intercompatible. They assemble folding boxes, pick, group, and fill articles in the folding boxes, and close filled folding boxes with an attached or separate lid. Depending on the equipment, the highest speeds can be achieved.all system modules are servodriven, thus fulfilling the requirement for the greatestpossible flexibility. From amongst the wide range of applications, the exhibit will show the filling of display cartons with longlife bakery goods packed in tubular bags. The following modules are installed &bull product infeed, consisting of infeed belts and group transports operated in synchronisation &ndash also known as &ldquorace track&rdquo&bull folding box module with blank magazine, blank transport with application of glue, and the folding area&bull box transport as alternatelyoperating vacuum shuttle for the greatest safety and precision&bull two axis top loader with highly stable delta kinematics for precise transfer with top performance&bull the insert head is designed with vacuum suction nozzles and feeds 3 boxes in layers at the same time the lrk system is the flexible machine design for top loading applications. 4.         Special subject &ldquosustainability&rdquo  loeschpack and its parent company piepenbrock are particularly committed to doing sustainable business. As a result, we are taking up the major challenges of the 21st century with its themes of increasing internationalisation, a squeeze on resources, and climate change. We are setting another milestone in the carbonneutral machine we offset the objectively calculated carbon equivalent of the machine supplied by loeschpack with climate protection projects. Our customers each select from a multitude of top quality projects around the world, thus making their contribution to active environmental protection. True to the promise to &ldquoimprove the future &ndash create added value&rdquo, loeschpack champions the needs of customers, employees, and society. Our employees are our most important factor of success.we are a valueoriented family business whose targets are based on responsibility for our employees. Their performance is crucial to the success of our customers. That&rsquos why we support the development of employees with qualifications, motivation, and clear communication channels. With sustainable and forwardlooking staff development, we take responsibility for our motivated employees around the world. Goaloriented management, trust, openness, and interdepartmental teamwork are for us the cornerstone for sustainable corporate success. Quality is our responsibility.the continuous improvement of our products and production processes with regard to quality, efficiency, and ecology, is our top priority. At the same time, the needs of our customers take centre stage. Our responsibility to quality has been accredited with din en iso 9001 since 1996 and confirmed by the high levels of satisfaction from our customers around the world. Innovative technologies and packaging solutions are our objective.we develop and produce innovative packaging concepts, system and service solutions with the highest levels of professionalism and flexibility. As a technology and innovation leader, we thus create added value for our customers and fulfil our commitment as a key strategic partner.                        Our actions are our future.we are committed to the future &ndash our corporate actions take equal account of economical, ecological, and social aspects. As part of &ldquopiepenbrock goes green&rdquo, we are setting an environmental trend with the resourcefriendly design of our production and machines as well as with further optimisation measures, for example in fleet management. In addition, together with plan international e.v., we are supporting one of the poorest regions in the world with our sponsorships for children in the laos province of pak tha.    5.         Captions   3.1       gw05, loeschpack, ip 2011.jpg gw05 &ndash high performance fold wrapping machine for chewing gum sticks 3.2       lrmduo, loeschpack, ip 2011.jpg lrmduo &ndash twin station fold wrapping machine for multipacks. Packaging of prepacked chewing gum sticks and small chocolate products in carton and cellophane outer wrapping 3.3       lrm2gs, loeschpack, ip 2011.jpg lrm2gs &ndash double track high performance fold wrapping machine for chocolate napolitains and bars 3.4       rpms, loeschpack, ip 2011.jpg rpms &ndash modular high performance roll packing system for round chocolate products and tabletshaped hard and soft lozenges 3.5       ltmduo, loeschpack, ip 2011.jpg ltmduo 4th &ndash twin station fold wrapping machine for chocolate bars, fourth generation 3.6       lrk, loeschpack, ip 2011.jpg lrk &ndash flexible, modular high performance display cartoning system

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